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GHTH Test 2


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the need to eat
the desire to eat
What influences you to eat
Cultural&Social meanings convenience habit/custom advertising availability economy emotional comfort weight/body image social interaction regional/seasonal trends nutritional value
essential nutrients
proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water
how much of each?
protein 10-35 fat 20-35 carbohydrates 45-65
basis of bodily structure
what do proteins do
repairs bone, muscle, skin & blood cells protects from diease by being key elements in the antibodies aid in the transport of iron, oxygen & nutrients to all body cells
structural components
muscles, bones, blood, enzymes, cell membranes, some hormones
when is protein the source of energy
when cars and fats are not readily available
amino acids
building blocks of protein
sources of protein
3oz lean meat, poultry, fish 1/2 cup tofu (20-25 grams) 1 cup milk/yogurt 1 1/2 oz cheese -8-12 grams cereals, grains, nuts, vegetables (2-4 grams per serving)

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