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medical anatomy: muscles


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Describe the Cardiac Muscle.
striated, involuntary, forms the heart.
Describe the Skeletal Muscle.
striated, voluntary, and attatched the bones.
Describe the Smooth Muscle.
non-striated (smooth), involuntary, forms walls of hollow organs.
During prolonged exercise, the muscle uses up all its what?
which of the following contracts faster: smooth muscle or Skeletal muscle?
Skeletal Muscle.
Name the three major functions of muscles in the body.
Movement, maintain posture (support), and generate heat.
what are the three different kinds of muscles tissues found in the body?
Cardiac, Skeletal, and Smooth.
What is the purpose of ATP.
To provided the body with a quick burst of energy for muscle contraction.
What does the word Contractility mean?
The ability for muslces to shorten
What does the word Elasticity mean?
The ability for a muscle to return to its original shape.

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