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What dental clinic section usually treats the early stages of pulpitis? -prophylactic -endodontic -restorative -oral surgery
Rubor is the term for which characteristic of inflammation? -Swelling -Redness -Heat -Pain
Calor is the term for which characteristic of inflammation? -Pain, heat, redness, and swelling. -heat, redness, and swelling only. -redness and swelling only. -heat only
heat only
Disclosable amounts of plaque usually form within. -2-4 hours -4-6 hours -6-8 hours -8-10 hours
4-6 hours
What substance gives subgingival calculus its black or dark green color? -Coffee -Tobacco -Fluoride -Blood Pigments
Blood Pigments
Which bacteria cause dental caries? -acidophilus -lactobacillus -staphylococci -streptobacillus
Which of these aids in the control of caries? -self-repair -repair by restorative dentistry only. -restoration, proper diet, and reduced bacterial count. -higher bacteria count and decreased carbohydrate intake.
Restoration, proper diet, and reduced bacterial count.
Which disease is a sequel to chronic inflammation of the periapical tissues because of necrosis of the pulp cells or nonpyogenic bacteria? -developmental cyst -periodontal abscess -inflammatory cyst -dental granuloma
dental granuloma
The localized collection of pus at the apex of a tooth formed by the disintegration of tissue is? -periodontal abscess -periapical abscess -cellulitis -a cyst
periapical abscess
What conditon may develop as the result of a chronic periapical abscess that causes epithelial cells to proliferate and successfully surround the chronic abscess? -granuloma -pericoronitis -inflammatory cyst -developmental cyst
inflammatory cyst
Inflammation of all gingival tissues including interdental papillae, marginal gingiva, and attached gingiva best describes? -diffuse gingivitis -marginal gingivits -papillary gingivitis -generalized gingivitis
-diffuse gingivitis
Treatment of marginal gingivitis includes? -oral prophylaxis and oral hygiene instructions only. -systemic evaluation and removal of gingival irritants only. -removal of gingival irritants, oral prophylaxis and oral hygiene instructions. -systemic eva
-systemic evaluation, removal of gingival irritants, oral prophalaxis, and oral hygiene instructions.
Gingiva that is neither red nor painful but is grossly enlarged, characterized which form of gingivitis? -marginal -hormonal -hyperplastic -desquamative
Tissue that is dead or dying, red, swollen, and bleeding, and has dead interdental papilla covered with a gray-white pseudo membrane, describes which form of gingivitis? -desquamative -necrotizing -hormonal -infective
Which disease is an inflammation of the periodontium, including both the gingiva and tooth attachment apparatus? -periodontosis -periodontitis -gingivosis -gingivitis
An inflammation of the soft tissue around the crown of a tooth is known as? -cellulitis -pericoronitis -pariteal abscess -periapical abscess
A pt may feel an itching or burning senstation 24 hours before the eruption of? -sialadenitis -aphthous ulcer -recurrent herpes -nicotinic stomatitis
recurrent herpes
Spots that are deep-seated, malpositioned, sebaceous skin glands appearing as umerous white or yellowish clusters, describe? -mucoceles -candidiasis -fordyce granules -nicotinic stomatitis
fordyce granules
A condition that starts as a red irritation and later becomes white and is caused by tar products and intense heat describes? -candidiasis -fordyce granules -aphthous stomatitis -nicotinic stomatitis
nicotinic stomatitis.
What condition, located on the dorsum of the tongue, appears as irregular red patches of desquamation that move from location to location? -candidiasis -hairy tongue -hair leukoplakia -geographic tongue
geographic tongue
A dark pigmented lesion of the oral mucosa caused by the accidental implantation into the tissue or prolonged contact of the tissue with a filling material describes? -mucocele -lichen planus -fordyce granules -an amalgam tattoo
amalgam tattoo
Which type of hepatitis is knows an infectious hepatitis and is usually acquired by ingestion of contaminated food or water? -HAV -HBV -HCV -H Delta
Hep A. HAV
The hepatitis vaccination provides protection aganist? -HAV -HBV -HCV -H Delta
which hepatitis test result indicates that the individual is a potential carrier? -Anti-HBsAG-+ or Anti-HBcAG-+ -Anti-HBcAG- + or Anti-HBAG- + -HBsAG or HBeAG -HBsAG- +
What oral diseases are commonly observed in AIDS pts? -sialadenitis, mucoceles, and fordyce granules -nicotinic stomatitis, candidiasis, and fordyce granules. -herpetic lesions candidiasis, kaposi's sarcoma, and hairy leukoplakia. -mucoceles, lichen p
herpetic lesions, candidiasis, kaposi's sarcoma, and hairy leukoplakia.
What condition is marked by watery blisters on the skin and mucous membranes and often called shingles? -mumps -candidiasis -herpes zoster -aphthous stomatitis
-herpes zoster
The first stage of what disease is characterized by the appearance of a lesion called chancre? -measles -syphilis -tuberculosis -hemangioma
Malformed teeth in a pt who had congenital syphilis are referred to as? -microdontia -marcrodontia -supernumerary -Hutchinson's incisors
Hutchinson's incisors
Which disease maifests a secondary lesion along the lateral borders of the tongue that causes severe and continuous pain that interferes with eating? -infectious mononucleosis -tuberculosis -candidiasis -syphilis
What condition is characterized by small, bluish-white, glossy areas that have a definite lacelike pattern and is hard and rough to the touch? -candidiasis -leukoplakia -lichen planus -fordyce granules
-lichen planus
When pts experience xerostomia (dry mouth), a sweetish odor to the breath, and an impaired healing ability, they are diagnosed with? -infectious mononucleosis -diabetes mellitus -tuberculosis -syphilis
diabetes mellitus
A benign lesion of the gingiva that develops from the connective tissue or the periodontal ligament best describes a? -fibroma -granuloma -hemangioma -papilloma
A papilloma is characterized by? -multiple oral lesions and consist of numerous small ulcers. -a tumor made up of small blood vessels and is usually congenital. -watery blisters on the skin and mucous membranes on the border of the lips. -epithelial t
-epithelial tumors that appear as a cauliflowerlike attachment to the surface epithelium.
Which material will not cause a chemical burn? -phenolic compounds -impression waxes -eugenol -asprin
impression waxes
What condition appears on any mucosal surface covered by a dental appliance as numerous, closely arranged, red, pebbly projections of the mucosa? -inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia. -papillary hyperplasia -epulis fissuratum -traumatic ulcer
papillary hyperplasia
A lesion consisting of two or more flaps of soft tissue separated by a central groove into which an overextended denture border fits describes? -angular cheilitis -angular cheilosis -epulis fissuratum -papillary hyperplasia
epulis fissuratum
A deficiency in vitamin C could result in? -rickets -scurvy -cheilitis -cheilosis
Whenever facial fractures exist, the provider must be alert to the possibility of?
Third party Liability and Child Abuse
Which subdivision of the autonomic nervous system slows the heart and lowers the blood pressure?
The cell membrane is that part of the cell that functions to?
Govern which nutrients and materials are taken into the cell.
The chemical process that converts nutrients into energy and into new tissue is called?
Which of these is not an active phase of mitosis?
Tissue that covers the surface of the body and lines passageways and cavities of the body are?
Epithelial tissue
Which kinds of tissue have the special characteristics of irritability, contractibility, extensibility, and elasticity?
The most highly specialized tissue in the body is? -visceral tissue -epithelial tissue -nerve tissue -cardiac tissue
nerve tissue
The largest part of the brain, which contains the frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes is?
How many pairs of nerves are in the spinal column?
The brain and spinal cord are covered with three layers of special membranes called?
What part of the upper respiratory system includes the eustachian tubes and adenoids?
What cartilaginous flap, lying above the larynx, moves to direct food and liquid into the esophagus?
What part of the lower respiratory system is a cylindrical tube composed of 16 to 29c shaped cartilage rings and lined with cilia and mucous glands which help entrap dust and foreign matter?
The visceral and parietal layers form the two layers of the?
The process of breathing is a harmonious interplay of nerve impulses, muscular activity, and mechanical pressure changes, all influenced by chemical changes in the?
During inspiration, what forces the air through the conduction passages?
Atmospheric pressure
The nerve impulses which cause the muscles of respiration to contract originate in the cells of the?
Respiratory Center
Material that cannot be digested or absorbed in the small intestine will pass through the ileocecal valve directly into the?
Large intestine
What terminates the alimentary canal and normally serves to block passage of waste materials until voluntary bowel movement?
Anal sphincter
What accessory organ of digestion helps maintain the proper level of sugar in the blood?
Which cells fight infection by enveloping and ingesting bacteria?
Skin is made of how many pincipal layers?
Which body system performs certain functions in regulating body temperatures, and also functions to protect and cover the body?
Bones such as the vertebrae, mandible, and pelvis are classified as?
The thin membrane that covers the surface of bones and contains nerves and blood vessels is called the

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