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Integumentary System


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Define Tissue
group of similar cells which function together to perform a specific activity
Epithelial Tissue
covers body surfaces, lines body cavities
Connective Tissue
protects and supports the body
Muscle Tissue
converts chemical engergy to mechanial energy
Nervous Tissue
initates, transmits, and interprets nerve impulses
Structures composed of one cell or group of highly specialized epithelial cells
Elastic Cartilage
provides strength and flexiblity
Fibrous Cartilage
Found where strength and ridigity are needed
Hyline Cartilage
white, glossy cartilage covering ends of bones
Cardiac Muscle Tissue
forms most of the wall in the heart, contains intercalated discs and gap junctions
Skeletal Muscle Tissue
attached to bones, cells are multinucleate
Smooth Muscle Tissue
spindle-shaped cells, found in walls of intestine
Lines body cavity leading to exterior
Mucous Membrane
Lines body cavity that does not open to exterior
Serous Membrane
Lines cavities of freely movable joints
Synovial Membrane
Covers body surface
Cutaneous Membrane
serous membrane covering the heart
serous membrane covering the lungs
serous membrane over abdominal organs
portion of serous membranes that covers organs (viscera)
Visceral Layer
Portion lining cavities
Parietal Layer
Another name for skin
Cutaneous Membrane Integument
First layer of skin
Inner layer of skin
cell type that produces keratin which helps water proof skin

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