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Biology Cell Parts


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tiny organelles found in the cytoplasm and rough ER, manufactures proteins out of amino acid monomers
Tough fibrous tissue that forms the outer boundary of a plant cell. Provides support
Cell wall
A mass of nucleic acid which stores hereditary info for the production of proteins
A membranous organelle that is the genetic control center of the cell
Unwound DNA found in nucleus, hereditary code for the production of proteins
Encloses the nucleus and controls the flow of material in and out of it
Nuclear envelope
produces ribosomes
produces phospholipids for membranes, finalizes the production of proteins and secretes them in transport vresicles
Rough ER
Contains a series of enzymes that produce macromolecules like lipids and carbohydrates
Smooth ER
Receives and modifies and transports substances manufactured by the ER
Golgi Apparatus
Breaks down invaders, nutrients, macromolecules, recycle daamaged organelles
Membranous enclosure that stores water, food, waste
Photosynthetic , bacteria-derived organelles that turn Solar energy into sugar (food)
Bacteria derived organelles that convert sugar into energyin the form of ATP
A supportive network of fibers (microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments)
cellular connection that provides a water tight seal between cells in a tissue
Tight Junction
attach adjacent cells to each other, but allow material to pass through
Anchoring Junction
Channels similar to plasmodesmata; allow water and molecules to flow between cells
Communicating Junction
Ribosomes work with:
Rough ER, RNA
The Cell Wall Works With:
cell membrane, plasmodesmata
Nucleoid works with:
found in cytoplasm of prokaryotic cell
Nucleus works with:
chromatin, nucleolus
Chromatin Works With:
nucleus, RNA, proteins
Nuclear Envelope Works With:
nucleus, nuclear pores.
Nucleolus Works With:
Nucleus, Chromatin.
Rough ER Works With:
nucleus, ribosomes, endomembrane system
Smooth ER Works With
enzymes, endomembrane system
Golgi Apparatus Works With
ER, cell membrane, Endomembrane System
Golgi Apparatus Works With:
ER, cell membrane, Endomembrane system
Lysosome works with:
cell membrane golgi Body, ER, enzymes, endomembrane sys
Vacuole Works With:
cell membrane golgi Body, ER, endomembrane sys
Chloroplasts are part of:
The group of energy converting organelles (think solar panels)
Mitochondria is part of:
The group of energy converting organelles.
Cytoskeleton works with:
Anchors organelles, overall structure and movement
Tight Junction works with:
extracellular matrix, cell membrane
Anchoring Junction works with:
Extracellular matrix, cell membrane
Communicating Junction Works With:
Extracellular matrix, cell membrane

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