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What is matter?
Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space.
What is volume?
Volume is the amount of mass in a certain amount of space.
What is density?
The mass of a material in a given volume.
What is the formula for density?
Density= mass/volume
What is the Brownian Motion?
The brownian motion is that when the pollen of grain was in the water it started to move because of the dust particles that were colliding it.
What is the law of conservation of mass?
Nothing is destroyed, nothing new is created, something is transformed.
What is the manipulated variable and on what axis is it?
The variable which you can control and its on the x axis.
What is the relationship between sweet and the cooling effect?
When you exercise your body starts to heat up and it creates sweat. In the sweat there are the molocules that have a lot of energy which were heated up.
What kind of properties are mass, volume, and density?
Physical Properties of matter.
What is mass?
Mass is the amount of matter an object has.
What is weight?
Weight is the force of gravity on an object.
What is directly proportional Relationship?
When 2 variables are the same. (Like if the temperature increases so does the volume).
What is Indirectly Proportional Relationship?
When 2 variables are opposite. (Like if the temperature is low the volume is low).
Whats are the properties of Solid?
A solid has a definite volume and shape. The particles are packed together.
Whats are the properties of Liquid?
Liquids have a definite volume but change shape. The particles are touching but they are moving freely.
Whats are the properties of Gas?
Gases have no definite shape or volume. The particles are separated and they move freely, they only touch when they collide.
What is physical change?
Any change that alters from appearance of matter but does not make any substance.
What is a chemical change?
A change in matter that produces one or more new substances.
What happens to the chemical structure of water when it changes state?
What type of state is a change of state?
Physical Change.

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