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all parts of the earth that are inhabited by organisms make up the
The Earth can be divided into
Gas, liquid, and solid
is the portion of Earths surface that is covered by water
is the soil and rock on Earths surface.
is the scientific study of how organisms interact with one another and with the abiotic factors in their environment
Almost all ecosystems are driven by
energy from the sun.
What are the main factors that determine what biome is found in a region.
Rainfall and temperature
The lack of any single abiotic factor can prevent the survival of a population. Limiting factors include:
Amount of light received Water Temperature Nutrients in the soil
is an area of dense undergrowth within a tropical rainforest
Jungles grow in areas that receive large amounts of? and are near?
sunlight rivers
True or False Jungles and tropical rain forests are NOT the same.
Tropical Rainforest cover about __% of Earths surface. This small portion of Earths contains more than __% of the species that inhabit the planet.
7 50
The Earths oceans include: ________,____________,___________,_________. . Although these oceans have different names, they are all connected.
Pacific Ocean, the  Atlantic Ocean, the  Indian Ocean, and the Artic Ocean
The largest and most diverse reef system in the world is the  _______________ located along Australias northeastern coast.
Great Barrier Reef
What are two major types of wetlands:
swamp and marsh.
How much of the Earth's surface is wetlands?
The coniferous forest is also known as a
The biome that receives the greatest amount of rainfall is the
tropical rainforest
Most organisms that inhabit Antarctica are part of an ___________biome rather than a land biome.
The preferred living site or area for animals in the tropical rain forest is the ___________.
About 40% of ____________ _______ sold in the US are derivatives of chemicals found in wild plants that are found in tropical rain forests. Less that 1 % of known plants have been tested for their medical effectiveness.
- prescription drugs 
_______________provide almost ideal growing conditions for grain crops
is an ecological community that ____________is found especially in parts of southern California and is composed of shrubby plants that grow well in dry sunny summers and moist winters.
Chaparral biome
What kind of climate does a Charparral have
Mediterranean climate
Where are Charparral located?
on Coast and has a mild climate
What kind of forests tend to exist in mid-latitude, or temperate, regions
Deciduous forest
What kind of forests tend to exist in colder, higher latitudes, closer to the poles.
Coniferous forest
is sea kelp that can grow as much as 60 m in one growing season. This organism can grow lengthwise faster than any other organism known? (this includes kudzu!!) Macrocystis grows along the coast of California.
a diving condition called ________ or _________occur when a person dives very deeply, ascends to the surface too quickly, or stays under the water for a long period of time.
bends or decompression sickness
when gas forms bubbles in body tissues
bends or decompression sickness

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