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1st aortic arch

maxillary artery

1st is MAXimal 

1st branchial cleft
external auditory meatus, middle ear cavity, eustachian tube, mastoid air cells
2nd aortic arch

stapedial and hyoid


2nd branchial cleft
epithelial lining of palantine tonsil
3rd aortic arch

common carotid and prox internal carotid

C is 3rd letter of alphabet 

3rd branchial cleft

dorsal: inf parathyroids

ventral: thymus 

4th aortic arch

left: aortic arch

Right: prox right subclavian

"4 limbs"=systemic 

4th branchial cleft
superior parathyroids
6th aortic arch

prox part of pulm arteries and ductus arteriosis

"pulm and pulm to systemic shunt" 

 derivation of:

branchial clefts

branchial arches

branchial pouches

"CAP from outside to inside" 




infecctions that cause fetal deafness

infecctions that cause fetal blindness

CMV, Rubella

syphilis, toxo, varicella 

umbilical arteries become

allantois/urachus becomes 

medial umbilical ligaments

meniaN umbilical ligament 

when does the morula enter the uterus 

when does Implantation occur 

day 3 

day 6

ant pit is derived from
surface ectoderm
branchial arch 1

CN 5

mandilbe, malleus, incus

m. of mastication, mylohyoid, tensors, ant bell digastric, ant 2/3 tongue (sensation) 

branchial arch 2

CN 7

stapes, styloid process, lesser horn hyoid, stylohyoid lig

facial m., stapedius, sylohyoid, post belly digastric 

branchial arch 3

CN 9

greater horn hyoid


"styloPHARYNGEUS by glossoPHARYNGEAL n." 

branchial arch 4/6

CN 10 

thyroid, cricoid, arytenoid, corniculate, cuneiform

pharyngeal constrictors, levator veli palatini, larynx m. 

cleft lip
fusion of maxillary and intermaxillary (medial) nasal processes
cleft palate
fusion of median palantine processes
ductus venosus

shunt from umbilical vein to IVC (oxygenated blood)

bypass liver 

dura matter is derived from


also serous linings of body cavities, spleen, adrenal cortex, kidneys 

Fetal erythropoesis

yolk sac 3-8wks

liver 6-30wks

spleen 9-28 wks

marrow 28wks on 

gut tube epithelium
heart defect in down's

endocardial cushion defects! Neural crest cell migration


common AV canal (w/ one big AV valve)

heart defects in Turner's
left side output problems: bicuspid aortic valve, coarctation, hypoplastic left heart
neural crest-derived tissues
ANS, dorsal root ganglia, cranial n., melanocytes, chromaffin cells of adrenal medulla, enterochromoaffin cells, pia dn arachnoid, celiac ganglion, schwann cells, odontoblasts, parafollicular cells, laryngeal cartilage, bones of skull
parts that make up the diaphragm

septum transversum, pleuroperitoneal folds, body wall, dorsal mesentery of esophagus

"Several Parts Build Diaphragm" 

post pit is derived from
neural ectoderm
postnatal derivative of notochord
nucleus pulposus
saturation of umbilical vein blood
tongue arch development and innervation

ant 2/3: 1st branchial arch, sensory V3, taste VII, motor XII

post 1/3: 3rd and 4th arches, sensory/taste IX (very post part=X), motor XII

trinucleotide expansion diseases
huntington's, fragile X, friederich's ataxia, myotonic dystrophy
umbilical vein becomes
ligamentum teres of liver
what type of defect is a VSD

endocardial cushion (atrioventricular canal defect)

partial defect is ASD 

when do genitalia have male/female characteristics
wk 10
when does gastrulation stats

week 3

mesorderm squishes between epi and hypoblast making the 3 germ cell layers

This starts 2 wks after ovulation! around the time of usual pregnancy! 

when does heart begin to beat
wk 4
when is the bilaminar disk formed

week 2

epiblast and hypoblast 

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