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Psych brain quiz


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A network of neurons involved in regulating attention, alertness, and arousal
reticular formation
A set of structures in the brain especially involved in the experience of emotion
Limbic system
lobes at the back of the head that process visual stimuli
occipital lobes
part of the hindbrain involved in regulating vital life functions
lobes at the top and front of the brain, most involved in higher-order functions
frontal lobes
portion of the forebrain divided into two hemispheres
part of the limbic system most involved in the formation of memories
brain structure in the limbic system involved in many functions, including sexual reproduction, emotional reactions, and maintaining internal body temperature
lobes located in the upper back of the head; process information relation to touch, pressure, external temperature
parietal lobes
one component of the limbic system; particularly involved in the experiences of fear, agression
lobes located on the sides of the head near the ear; primary function involves processing speech/sound
temporal lobes
outer covering of the cerebrum
cerebral cortex
brain structure located in the back of the head; vital for balance and coordination
the part of the brain that joins the cerebral hemispheres
corpus callosum
the amygdala, hippocampus, and parts of the thalamus and hypothalamus make up the...
limbic system
which lobe of the brain is responsbile for hearing
what makes up 80% of the brain's total mass?
cerebral cortex
brain chemicals that moderate pain messages and produce feelings of pleasure
nerve cells
fibers extending out from the soma of the neuron; receive incoming messages from adjoining neurons
neurons in the peripheral nervous system that transport messages from spinal cord to muscles and glands
motor neurons
connection between neurons where neural message becomes chemical (carried by neurotransmitters)
chemicals present in the brain that allow for message transmissions among nerve cells
The part of the neuron conducting messages down the length of the cell toward connections with other neurons; usually the longest part of a neuron
a fatty protective layer that covers the axons of some nerve cells and helps speed transmission of neural impulses
myelin sheath
neurons that receive messages from sensory receptors and transmit that information to the spinal cord
sensory neurons
locations on neurons receiving incoming messages; neurotransmitters fit into these sites
receptor site
the part of the neuron that receives incoming messages is the...
axons are often covered with a layer called the ___ that contain(s) the nodes of ranvier
myelin sheath
transmission of a neural impulse travels from ___ at the receiving end of the cell to ___ at the other end of the cell
dendrites; terminal buttons
neural messages become chemical in nature and are transmitted by neurotransmitters across the...
___ carry messages away from the spinal cord and brain
motor neurons
adopted by Wundt, analysis of the basic elements that constitute the mind
developed by William James, study of the purpose mental processes serve in enabling people to adapt to their enviroment
area of the brain that coordinates info in and out of the spinal cord
extension of the spinal cord into the skull that coordinates heart rate, circulation, and respiration]
structure of hindbrain that controls fine motor skills
brain structure that relays information from the cerebellum to the rest of the brain
subcortical structure that transmits information to
Occipital Lobe
region of cerebral cortex that processes visual information
parietal lobe
region of cerebral cortex processes information about touch
region of cerebral cortex responsible for hearing
Temporal Lobe
frontal lobe
region of cerebral cortex that has specialized areas for movement, abstract thinking, planning, memory and judgement
structure critical for creating new memories
area of neurons running down the front of the parietal lobes responsible for processing information from the skin and internal body receptors for touch, temperature, body position, and possibly taste
Somatosensory cortex
highest level of the brain, critical for complex cognitive, emotional, sensory and motor functions, contains the cerebral cortex and its subcortical structures
coordinates information coming out of the spinal cord and controls the basic functions of life, contains the medulla, reticular formation, the cerebellum, and the pons
Peripheral NS?
sensory systems and skeletal motor systems
Autonomic NS?
parasympathetic NS and sympathetic NS
action potential
exitation traveling across an axon at a constant strength, no matter the distance.
resting potential
an electrical polarization across the membrane of an axon.
presynaptic neuron
message sending
postsynaptic neuron
message recieving
graded potentials
ripples in pond; electrochemical changes are greatest near synapses. get weaker the farther away.
A network of neurons involved in regulating attention, alertness, and arousal
reticular formation

A network of neurons involved in regulating attention, alertness, and arousal
reticular formation

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