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MTP I Final


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which of the following are important interview skills
Establish rapport, maintain eye contact, acknowledge clients
reflective listening can be described as
repeating or reiterating the clients words
the SOAP note is a place to document all of the following except:
the clients informed consent for care
Subjective information includes
the clients statement about his condition
high stress levels can lead to
more symptoms and a longer recovery time
open ended questions
broaden the conversation
gait pattern evaluations are
documented as objective data
the changes that result from treatment are documented in which section of the SOAP note?
activity and analysis
collecting nonverbal data from clients
helps therapists understand clients reactions to the condition of their body or soft tissues
a treatment plan includes which of the following
treatments to use, duration for treatments sessions and suggested frequency of sessions
the plan portion of the SOAP note includes which of the following
self care recommendations
abbreviations are helpful to MT's because
they require less space for complete documentation and speed up the process
licensed heath care practitioners are legally required to document patient progress
health history pertinent to the clients conditions is documented as
subjective data
function al limitations can be described as
restricted activities of daily life that are normally performed without any problems.
mutual trust in a relationship can also be called
is there a specific way you sit that affects your back pain is an example of what type of question
leading question
which of the following should be included in a clients file
subjective statements about a clients condition
which of the following will most likely not be on a clients intake form.
massage techniques used
a common format for documenting a massage session is SOAP. Soap stands for what
Subjective objective activity analysis plan
an end feel can be described as
the sensation at the end of a range of motion
which of the following is an assessment not used for
diagnosing a medical condition
you can evaluate the pelvis in postural assessment by asking your client to
rest their own hands on their iliac crests
visual observations to make during a massage pertain to
skin coloration, bilateral symmetry of tissues, and marks or wounds on the skin.
ischemia is a systemic contraindication for massage
an area where the fascia has adhered to nearby tissues or has been crumpled or kinked is called
fascial adhesion
which of the following statements is true with respect to an average range of motion test
the rest of the body should remain still
which of the following is least important when evaluating gait
height of the client to length of step ratio
upon palpation assessment, which of the following sometimes feels grainy
scar tissue
a compensation pattern is
a postural offset that is the body's attempt to correct an imbalance or protect a primacy dysfunction or injury
a general guideline for massage application is to treat
where it hurts, where the compensation exists, and at the ends of fascial restrictions
when palpating a clients tissues, the therapist should keep which of the following phrases in mind
less is more
the longer a compensation pattern has existed, the longer it will take to correct
which of the following help you determine whether there are any contraindications for massage, which soft tissues you should address, and how you should address them
general assessments
which of the following statements is true
Assessments require good communication between the therapist and client for reassurance and trust
poor posture can cause which of the following
stress, exhaustion, and organ system dysfunction
which of the following is true of active range of motion
the movement should be slow and steady
which of the following statements refers to functional assessments
they are advanced techniques to discover the likelihood of specific conditions that require medical diagnosis
the walking pattern is also called
tightness tension feeling stuck and pressure are alternative terms clients use to describe
pain or discomfort
according to the cdc the single most important factor in preventing disease transmission is
hand washing
standard precautions prevent
transmission of pathogens
which of the following are generally safer to use as lubricants
vegetable products
which of the following is true of hand hygiene
adjustable table leg bolts should be checked regularly to make sure the bolts are secure
after properly washing linens you should
dry them in a machine and store them in a clean dry area
a face cradle is a piece of equipment that
allows clients to keep their necks neutral during the massage
the primary modes of pathogen transmission are
contact transmission, vehicle transmission and vector transmission
which of the following does not influence the environment of your massage practice
body cushions body positioning cushions and body support systems are
a set of specially designed bolsters
powders used in massage are not consider lubricants because of their dry nature
the primary disadvantage to massage chairs is
they limit access to your clients bodies
initial touch tends to cause what kind of reaction
a pathogen can be described as
a microscopically small organism capable of causing disease
a massage appointment in which you take your massage table to your client is known as
an outcall
the process of draping does which of the following
protects clients modesty, keeps clients warm, maintains professionalism
lubricants influence
the strokes and techniques you can apply effectively and comfortably
decorative fountains should be kept
outside of the treatment room because pathogens can reside in them and the sound of running water can create the urge to go to the bathroom
at a minimum you should wash your hands
immediately before and after each client
which is the safest dry lubricant to use
a critical component of good body mechanics is to be bend at the waist to apply a massage stroke
which of the following is true regarding fatigue
fatigue can accentuate bad body mechanics
when clients are in the supine position, where can you position bolsters for more comfort
under the knees and neck
you can increase your balance and stability by
positioning your feet at least shoulder width apart with bent knees
the general guideline for proper table height is to stand next to the table and adjust it such that the top is even with
the middle of your thigh or index finger
to maintain good body mechanics when using the asymmetric stance which hand should you use to apply the stroke if your left foot is in back
the right hand
which client position can be dangerous for a woman who is in her last couple of months of pregnancy
supine position
who can benefit more from the prone position than the other positions
clients who are shy or modest
which of the following is least likely to be a requirement for the client to relax
feeling happy
when should bolsters be disinfected
after every use
the primary purpose for draping is
modesty and warmth
massage therapists are prone to which of the following conditions
repetitive stress injury
which of the following should not be adjusted if you become self aware of fatigue pain or soreness
draping techniques
which of the following describes leverage
using a minimum amount of muscular work to apply a maximum amount of pressure
the careful and efficient body movements that minimize fatigue and prevent injury are considered
body mechanics
which of the following should not be done if a client is accidentally exposed during a massage
reassure the client that you are a professional
which of the following describes the supine position
the client lies on his back
even with good body mechanics massage puts undue stress on the muscles and joints
the side lying position is especially helpful for accessing the clients
neck and shoulder area
you should avoid putting clients with upper respiratory congestion in the
prone position
sitting down to save energy is appropriate when massaging
hands and feet
which of the following terms describes a standing position in which one foot is in front of the other
asymmetric stance
which of the following is a challenge for a massage therapist working on a laterally recumbent client
awkwardness of draping; bolstering the client properly; access to certain body parts
when applying a stroke with the flat of your hand make sure that your wrist is
less than 110 degrees
leaning allows you to use your body weight instead of __ to adjust the depth of pressure of a massage stroke
muscle strength
cupping hacking tapping and pummeling are examples of
which of the following is true of superficial friction
it addresses blood vessels in the skin
which of the following techniques helps your focus your attention on your clients
the massage stroke that resembles kneading is called
the massage stroke typically used to apply and spread lubricant is called
the purpose of grounding techniques is
provide an emotional and energetic barrier between you and your clients
which of the following strokes is uniquely able to separate muscle fibers increase local circulation and restore movement
deep fiber friction
compression and effleurage are two massage strokes that could be performed with a massage therapists forearm if appropriate
which of the following is the primary focus of massage therapy
skeletal muscles
massage is one of the best treatments for
breaking down fascial adhesions to restore circulation and movement
what is the purpose of centering
putting aside your own concerns to focus on the client
manipulation of muscle tissue results in localized
heat production
if you move too quickly or with too much pressure, the client might respond b
holding his breath; tensing up his body effectively pushing you out; pulling or rolling away from you
massage can speed up recovery from muscle fatigue b
encouraging lactic acid out of the muscles and into the bloodstream
in general the more tense the muscle, the faster the massage stroke should be
which of the following describes the materials that thicken and harden as a result of inactivity or lack of movement but soften and release heat when they are deformed and manipulated
thixotropic properties
which of the following would least likely result from a massage
decreased appetite
all massage strokes and techniques require some amount of pressure or manipulation of the soft tissues
the nervous systems response to initial skin contact is
the two phases of deep diaphragm breathing can be felt as
abdominal expansion followed by sternal elevation
which events are involved in the first phase of the injury repair mechanism
hemostasis inflammation and phagocytosis
which events are involved in the second phase of the injury repair mechanism
proliferation of new blood vessels, collagen fibers, and replacements cells
which events are involved in the third phase of the injury repair mechanism
remodeling o the new tissues to create a more functional scar
the pain cycle is best described by which of the following
pain creates hypertonicity -> causing ischemia -> causing tissue deterioration -> causing pain
proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques use which of the following anatomical structures to facilitate a change
muscle spindles and golgi tendon organs
isometric contraction is best described as
active muscle contraction that produces no movement
what does a trigger point have that is absent in a tender point
involvement of a nerve ending that creates a referred pain pattern
a target muscle can be described as
the problematic muscle that a massage therapist is attempting to treat
skin rolling, 45 degree stroke, craniosacral therapy, and friction techniques are effective for
breaking up connective tissue adhesions and restoring functional movement
which of the following is characteristic of myofascial work
no lubricant is used to avoid slip on the clients skin and tends to be uncomfortable for the client
some techniques that are effective at releasing trigger points are
trigger point pressure release, positional release, reciprocal inhibition, strumming
what are the primary distinctions between wellness massage and therapeutic massage
therapeutic massage specific soft tissue conditions and requires a more detailed treatment plan
how can massage facilitate the healing process
by restoring movement; by creating functional scar tissue; by increasing circulation of blood and lymph
what is needed for fibroblasts to be converted into collagen fibers during the healing process
vitamin c
which of the following doctors developed trigger point therapy
dr travell
prioprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation uses the nervous system to do what
reset a muscles resting length
which of the following is listed in the order in phase I of the healing process
hemostasis inflammation immune response
position release, direct manipulation, tense and relax and reciprocal inhibition are examples of
proprioceptitive neuromuscular facilitation techniques
which of the following techniques uses antagonistic muscles groups to reflexively lengthen a muscle
reciprocal inhibition
overlaying tissues stuck together with fascial adhesions and scar tissue
can interfere with normal function and create compensation patterns
reflexology is so named because
focused pressure on the feet hands or ears may create reflexive effects by which the nervous system creates a change in another part of the body
the essence of traditional chinese medicine and other energy therapies is
qi can easily be affected by an external source at the
acupressure points
special techniques and massage therapy
are compatible and can be used together with training and experience
venous enhancement can be accomplished by
effleurage strokes that sweep toward the heart
which of the following encourage lymphatic flow
full deep breaths
which of the following describes contrast therapy
heat treatment followed by cold treatment
a significant percentage of acupressure points coincide with
nerve plexuses
which of the following cold applications of hydrotherapy should not be placed directly on the skin
chemical gel packs
which of the following would most likely happen if the flow of interstitial fluid and lymph ceased
blood would become thicker
abdominal massage for digestive enhancement uses clockwise individual strokes along the large intestine while the sequence of strokes moves in a counterclockwise pattern
during reflexology, a massage therapist should only use oil cream or lotion if the clients feet are damp
specific polarity therapy techniques are based on principals of energy flow in and around the body, and they can be applied to specific areas of pain
according to traditional chinese medicine, which of the following would put the body in good health
yin and yang in balance
what does drinking water after a massage help with
ridding the body of cellular and chemical waste; making scar tissue more functional; preventing fascial adhesions from developing
which of the following would not enhance the effects of a hot bath
baking powder
lymph fluid drains in which of the following patterns
everything on the right side of the body above the diaphragm into the right lymphatic duct and everything else into the thoracic duct
polarity therapy can be described as
manipulation and balancing of the electromagnetic fields of the body
which of the following describes the ancient cupping technique that promotes circulation
body vacuuming applied to the clients skin
diaphragm and solar plexus flexing is part of which bodywork modality
some examples of massage special populations include
babies, professional soccer players, pregnant women
which of the following best qualifies someone to specialize as a sports massage therapist
knowing the primary muscles involved in various athletic activities
the production of relxin is increased during pregnancy and requires the MT to
be extra cautions about range of motion and connective tissue work
the infants abdomen should be massaged in which direction
an emotional release can be described as
a flashback or remembrance of an emotional experience
massage performed on an athlete 6-72 hours after he has participated in an athletic event is called
post event massage
in a pre event massage the MT should avoid
mentioning assessment findings that suggest an imbalance or weakness
the RICE treatment for muscle pain and injuries stands for
Rest Ice Compression Elevation
bedridden clients can receive massage
in their bed, on a massage table, in a chair as long as the clients are comfortable
at the point of amputation, the clients stump will likely be
hypersensitive to pain
what is the distinguishing factor of sports massage that a MT should know
the muscles and motions the athlete will use most
Which of the following should be avoided for a postpartum massage client
medial side of the lower leg
scientific research has actually shown massage to increase productivity and employee job satisfaction
which of the following are special accommodations for providing corporate massage to people who are at work
massage chair, fully clothed client, fast paced, 15 min duration, focus on neck shoulders and back
when providing massage to a person who is paralyzed, the therapist must be careful of
hyper tonicity, insensitivity, decreased circulation
which of the following is true for geriatric massage
joint movements are only included if clients are healthy
which of the following are contraindications or conditions that require caution when providing geriatric massage
varicose veins, blood clots, bedsores, arthritic joints.
hospice care provides terminally ill patients and their families with
a high quality of life
the duration of a massage for clients whose nervous and muscular systems are not functioning normally should be
shorter than normal
which of the following is not a massage contraindication for a geriatric client
Alzheimer's disease
which of the following special populations is most likely to suffer from phantom pain
clients who have had a limb amputated
some essential oils, especially those with powerful scents are beneficial to pregnant clients because of their soothing properties
range of motion techniques for a paralyzed client need to be exercised with extreme care due to the lack of sensation
counter transference is a clients tendency to be come dependant on a therapist for friendship or companionship
varicose veins are a contraindication for massage and should be avoided at all times
which of the following is true regarding sleep
sleep allows us to regenerate energy that is used during the waking hours
self care recommendations are recored in the __ section of the SOAP note
Too little sleep can create a 'condition' known informally as
Sleep Debt
the three components of a treatment plan include
recommendations for future treatment, selfcare and referrels
most massage sessions are __ minutes long
which of the following effectively makes reccomendations for future treatment
60 min massages, once a week for 4 weeks
if tissues are sticky, which of the following is most likely true
client has insufficient water intake
reevaluation findings should be documentate in which part of the SOAP note
with respect to the application of cold and heat, which of the following statements are true
ice should be avoided for people with circulatry problems
ice is typically used in acute conditions in which inflammation, spasm and pain are present
people who sleep on their __ tend to develop stiff necks
it’s the therapists responsibility to make sure clients know that
massage therapists do not diagnose nor prescribe
therapists who recommend hydrotherapy to their clients have the obligation to
educate clients about hydration and its influence on health
which is a primary consideration when developing a future treatment plan
length of the next massage
internal hydrotherapy can be described as
water consumption
applications of heat should be avoided if
there are signs of redness or inflammation
which of the following is true
treatment plans are appropriate for wellness and therapeutic massage
the intended path you recommend for your clients to reach their goals is known as the
treatment plan
the process of recommending activities for clients to perform between massage sessions is known as
Self Care
ergonomic changes do not require special equipment

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