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Reptiles are ________. (body temp)
Reptiles have well developed _______ which they use for breathing _________.
lungs oxygen
Fish and amphibians lay their eggs __________. Reptiles lay their eggs ___________.
in water on land
Describe most reptile eggs. Why are they like this?
The shells are tough and leathery to keep them from drying out.
Name the four orders of reptiles.
Chelonia, Squamata, Crocodilia Rynocephalia
Which reptiles belong to the Chelonia order?
Turtles, tortoises, and terrapins
Which reptiles belong to the Squamata order?
Snakes and lizards
Which reptiles belong to the Crocodilia order?
Caimans, crocodiles, alligators, and gavials
Which reptile belongs to the Rynocephalia order?
Which is the largest order of reptiles?
Turtles have a shell made of ______ covered with ________.
bone plates
How do turtle eat?
They have no teeth, but they have a strong beak which they use to rip and tear their food apart
Where are a snake's small scales located?
On the tops and sides of their body
Where are a snake's large scales located and what is their use?
They are located on the bottom of their body and they help them move forward in a straight line.
Meat-eaters are called ________.
Plant-eaters are called _________.
Animals who eat both meat and plants are called ________.
Tortoises live on the _______.
Crocidilians look like a large ________.
Why are snakes able to eat animals larger than their size or larger than the width to their mouth?
They can unhinge their jaws.
Terrapins are turtles who live in ___________.
How can you tell the difference between a tortoise and a terrapin?
Terrapins have more pointed beaks and flatter shells than tortoises.
Some snakes can get by on only ____ large meals a year.
Where are the eyes and nostrils of crocodilians usually located? Why?
They are located on top of their head because it allows them to breathe and see when they are mostly submerged.

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