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CSCI 1320 midterm 1


undefined, object
copy deck
executes last command
executes command 98
not equal to
executes last command beginning with v
limits total field width to 6 spaces, with two decimal places
repeat last edit
/* [...] */
inserts block comment
inserts one line comment
null character
/str, [shift] + N
searches from cursor forward for str, then looks for next occurrance backward
1 byte
8 bits/ 2 hex/ 1 char
4 parts of a loop
1. Initialization/Assignment (x=10); 2. Test until quit (while (x>5){}) 3. Data modification (x = x-1) 4. Body (printf("x is %d",x))
deletes 7 lines, starting at cursor line
:4,8 Practice.c
writes lines 4 through 8 in file Practice.c
:r Practice.c
finds Practice.c and enters contents after cursor
:w Practicing.c
writes open file under name Practicing.c
< / >
less than / greater than
<= / >=
less than or equal to / greater than or equal to
equal to
?str, n
searches from cursor backward for str, then finds second occurance
inserts cursor at end of line
user information collected from inputfile to be used in a.out
a.out >outputfile
output from a.out is inserted into outputfile
binary digit
changes until end of line
call for boolean library
call for math library
cat first.c
prints entire file first.c
cd ..
moves up one level in file directory
cd Something
changes working directory to Something
cd S[tab]
completes phrase, in this instance cd Something
char in Bits, Bytes, Words, and Hex digits
8, 1, 1/4, 2
chmod 644 notes.c
changes modifications on file notes.c to rw/r/r
chmod 700 pictures
changes modifications on directory pictures to rwx or read, write, execute
cp -r Something CSCI1320
copies folder CStuff and all contents into folder CSCI1320
cp first.c first.backup.c
creates file first.backup.c with same contents as first.c
create a simple if, else function
if(condition, using relational operators) { action for true part of construct } else { action for false part of construct }
create a string of characters of length 20 with name word
char word[20]
change word
deletes from cursor to end of line
deletes/cuts line
double in Bits, Bytes, Words, and Hex digits
64, 8, 2, 16
deletes word
example of boolean variable
bool x; x = true; boolean has only two values, true or false
float in Bits, Bytes, Words, and Hex digits
32, 4, 1, 8
function call for string library
places cursor at bottom of program
places cursor at top of program
16 bits/ 4 hex
head first.c
prints first 10 lines of first.c
shows history of commands
inserts at cursor
int in Bits, Bytes, Words, and Hex digits
32, 4, 1, 8
keys that move cursor
h (left), j (down), k (up), l (right) (ldur = elder)
lpr first.c
prints program first.c
lists contents of active directory
ls *.c
prints all contents that have extension .c
ls -l
prints contents of directory in long form
man ls
opens manual to entry on ls
mkdir Something
creates directory named Something
mv *.c Something
moves all files with extension .c to directory Something
mv first.backup.c first.c
renames first.backup.c to first.c
inserts line above cursor
printf and scanf for char
%d, %X, %c/ %c
printf and scanf for double
%f, %g/ %lf
printf and scanf for float
%f, %g/ %f
printf and scanf for int
%d, %x/ %d
printf and scanf for short
%d, %X/ %d
printf and scanf for string (char str[20])
prints working directory - lists folder structure
replace 1 character
rm first.c
removes file first.c
short int (short) in Bits, Bytes, Words, and Hex digits
16, 2, 1/2, 4
tells string length/ number of characters in name, only in string character
tail first.c
prints last 10 lines of first.c
takes square root, in math library
terminal call for running program that uses math library
gcc program.c -lm
three sections of ls -l
d/rw-/r--/r-- folder/user has read and write privledges/group has read privledges/ everyone has read privlidges
typing % while cursor is on [, {, or (
highlights matching pair
undos last action
What datatypes support decimal places?
Float, double
What datatypes support remainders?
int, short
What does = mean?
assignment, "Calculate the expression on the right hand side, then assign it as the variable on the right hand side"
32 bits/ 8 hex
write a simple construction for a "while" function
while (condition) { }
deletes one character
stop runaway program
displays locatoin in file and file status
[Shift] + g , 7
moves to line 7
new line

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