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Health Knowledge Bowl - Communications - Set Two


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frown on a clients face is what type of communication?
When answering the phone at a place of business, you should answer the phone by which ring?
the second
What information should you note when taking a telephone message? (any order)
name of caller, phone number, date, time, and message
When screening phone calls for your boss, what would be a good question to ask after you know who is calling?
May I ask what this is regarding?
Changing the subject, frequent interruptions, or seeming to be too busy affects communication by:
creating barriers
What term denotes the "pitch" of the voice?
The ability to identify with and understand another person's feelings, situation, and motives is called:
Having the ability to say or do the kindest or most fitting thing in a difficult situation is:
What communication career tests for speech, language and voice disorders and provides a treatment program to restore or develop the patient's speech communication skills?
speech therapist
Receiving information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure or treatment is guaranteed under what policy?
patient's rights
The sender of information must deliver a message in a clear and concise manner for good communication. Name two skills that are essential for this to take place:
pronunciation and grammar
Name three types of disabled individuals who might experience difficulty receiving messages and communicating information accurately.
(any order) hearing impaired, visually impaired, language barriers
Name three methods to assist individuals who have difficulty receiving information because of a hearing or visual impairment or language barrier.
(any order) repeat the message, change the form the message is transmitted, utilize an interpreter
If a patient does not understand the information being given, what should the health care worker do?
ask questions and repeat the information in different terms
The following dialogue is an example of what therapeutic communication technique?
The patient states: "I'm not worried about my diagnosis"
The Health Care Worker responds: "You are not at all worried about your diagnosis?"
The ability to understand the basics of how the computer works and the applications used in a field or profession is called what?
computer literacy
What is an electronic system that can rapidly communicate in graphics, numbers, words, and sound?
a computer
Machines that can scan a document and read the printed text are called:
optical scanners
Programs in a computer that are not permanent because data can be stored, changed, and/or retrieved are called RAM. What does RAM stand for?
random access memory
A MRI is a computerized body-scanning device. What does MRI stand for?
magnetic resonance imaging
What new communication tool combines the advantage of video with the advantages of computer-assisted instruction to provide a learning medium?
interactive video
Name three important components of a trusting relationship. (any order)
confidence, dependability, and confidentiality
What is another term for questions that lead the patient to explore his or her thoughts or feelings?
open-ended questions
A therapeutic communication technique which encourages the speaker to continue talking about a subject is called:
a general lead
What is the science of speech and pronunciation?
When answering the phone at work, who do you represent?
the facility
When communication is taking place, what helps to make meanings clear and avoids misunderstandings?
What is the small device that sits on a desktop and controls the cursor and creates graphics?
The computer components include the keyboard, central processing unit, disk drive and monitor with display screen. These are called what?
What type of questions make a person defensive?
questions that begin with why

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