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BMR Study Questions


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What creates the most polution?
Motor Vehicles
What is considered raw or inadequately treated sewage?
Primary Municipal Pollutants
What causes steel to erode two to four times faster than normal?
Sulfur Oxide
The when talking about pesticides “Non-selective” means?
To Kill or damage life forms other than their intended purpose
The primary pollution concern of navy personnel is produced by?
Shipboard waste
Under the Clean Air Act who has the Primary responsibility for assuring air quality?
Each State
The Acronym MSD when referring to pollution and the Navy is?
Marine Sanitation Devices
Vessels may not discharge unpulped trash at sea within how many NM from U.S. Coastlines?
25 NM
Vessels may not discharge pulped trash at sea within how many NM from U.S. Coastlines?
12 NM
Vessels may not discharge any trash within how many NM of Foreign Coastlines?
25 NM
Submarines may discharge negatively buoyant trash not less than how many NM from U.S. Coastlines
12 NM
No servicewoman may be assigned overseas or travel overseas after the beginning of what week of pregnancy?
28th week
Pregnant servicewomen won’t remain aboard ship if it takes longer than how many hours for medical evacuation to a treatment facility?
6 hours
Servicewomen cannot remain on board a deployable unit beyond what week of pregnancy?
20th week
Normally the CO grants how many weeks of Convalescent leave after the servicewoman has delivered a baby?
6 weeks (42 Days)
The intentional misleading or deceitful conduct is an example of?
a. Fraud
b. Waste
c. Abuse
Extravagant, careless, or needless expenditure is an example of?
a. Fraud
b. Waste
c. Abuse
Intentional wrong or improper use of government resources is an example of?
a. Fraud
b. Waste
c. Abuse
The military Cash Awards Program (MILCAP) awards up to how much money?
You could be charged up to how much money for disclosing a service members privacy act information?
Who is overall responsible for making equal opportunity a reality in their command?
Commanding Officer
The term “Quid Pro Quo” Means?
This for That
Explicit pictures, obscene letters or comments, touching or forced kisses are examples of what behavior (Red, Yellow, Green)?
Red Light
Lewd sexual jokes are an example of what behavior?
Yellow Light
Performance counseling is an example of what behavior?
Green Light
An Ombudsman attends how many hours of intense training?
20 Hours
What chapter of the Navy Regulations deals with your Rights and Responsibilities?
Chapter 10
How many articles does the Code of Conduct have?
If you are captured you need only give what information?
Name, Rank, SSN, DOB
POW’s in confinement must be checked at least once every how many hours?
What is the minimum rank to be in the Shore Patrol?
The arm band for the Shore patrol is worn on what arm?
Left arm covering the rating badge
When armed forces have military police they can be combined to form one unit called what?
Armed Forces Police Detachment
On ships the MA force is headed by the ___________ and he works directly for the _______________
Chief Master at Arms ; Executive Officer
The word discipline comes from the Latin word meaning?
To teach
The UCMJ was signed into effect on what day?
31 May 1951
Naval personnel must not lend money to another member that exceeds what interest per year?
Article 86 is?
Absence without leave
Article 87 is?
Missing movement
Article 92 is?
Failure to obey an order
Article 94 is?
Article 134 is?
General Article
Article 137 states that the code must be explained carefully at what times?
Time of entrance, 6 Months on active duty, Every re-enlistment
Article 31 is?
Protection against Self incrimination
Article 15 is?
Captains Mast
Article 1163 is?
Equal Opportunity and treatment
Article 1150 is?
alcoholic beverages
Article 115 is?
Article 1126 is?
suggestions for improvement
Articles 80-134 are?
Punitive articles
Article 1104 is?
Obey lawful orders
Article 1147 is?
control of examinations
Article 1151 is?
Narcotic substances
Article 1103 is?
Conduct of naval personnel
Article 55 is?
Cruel and unusual punishment
Article 133 is?
Officer conduct
You have how many days to file an appeal after Captains Mast?
5 days
When talking on Sound Powered Phones how far should the mouth piece be from your mouth?
½⬝ - 1⬝
When coiling the lead wire for stowage the loops should be how many inches across?
Why should headset phones be unplugged when they are not in use?
Unwanted noise could travel on to the circuit
Why are the mouthpiece and earpiece interchangeable?
In the event one piece breaks you can talk into the ear piece or hear through the mouth piece
Auxiliary circuits are designated with what Letter?
The primary circuits are designated by what letters?
To hear a message over again you must say?
Say again
What do you say when you need to transmit an urgent message?
Silence on the line
Who is in charge of the 1MC?
Channel 4 on the WIF com transceiver is used for?
Ship to Ship
Code Alfa Flag is?
Diver(s) Down
Kilo Flag is?
Personnel Working aloft
Oscar Flag is?
Man Overboard
Papa Flag is?
General Recall (Return to ship)
I am taking in, discharging, or carrying dangerous cargo.
"Yes" or "affirmative".
I am maneuvering with difficulty; keep clear.
I am directing my course to starboard.
I am disabled; communicate with me.
On aircraft carriers: Flight Operations underway
I require a pilot.
I have a pilot on board.
Coming alongside.
I am on fire and have dangerous cargo; keep clear.
I wish to communicate with you.
You should stop your vessel immediately.
My vessel is stopped; making no way.
No or negative.
Conducting flag hoist drill.
Do not pass ahead of me.
You are running into danger.
I require assistance.
Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals.
Ship has visual communications duty.
I require a tug.
Flag that follows is from the International Code of Signals. or..
Message is understood. Also, numeric decimal point.
First substitute
Absence of flag officer or unit commander (Inport).
Second substitute
Absence of chief of staff (Inport).
Third substitute
Absence of commanding officer (Inport).
Fourth substitute
Absence of civil or military official whose flag is flying on this ship.
I require medical assistance.

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