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NCLEX review 2


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Where is McBurney's point
Midway between the right anterior superior iliac creast and the umbilicas
What symptom would be likely in a client with a magnesium level of 3.5
Loss of deep tendon reflexes
What medicine would be given to a client with a calcium level of 12 mg/dl
Calcitonin to decrease calcium levels
How does Kayexalate work?
it releases sodium ions in exchange primarily for potassium ions to decrease potassium levels
What type of solution is ringer's lactate?
An isotonic solution
Normal ammonia level in body
Normal BUN
A highly positive urine myoglobin level following a crush injury to the leg has been noticed. What should the nurse assess the patient for?
Acute tubular necrosis
Normal hematocrit levels
Normal Adult Female Range: 37 - 47%
Optimal Adult Female Reading: 42%
Normal Adult Male Range 40 - 54%
Optimal Adult Male Reading: 47
Normal Newborn Range: 50 - 62%
Optimal Newborn Reading: 56
If an anorexic client said "My firends and I went out to lunch today" would this be positive or negative?
Positive, shows signs of improvement
What measure will not prevent dumping syndrome in a patient following a gastrectomy?
drinking liquids with meals
What food might taste bitter to a patient receiving chemotherapy?
Beef or pork
What do normal hemoglobin levels mean?
iron and protein intake is sufficient.
What is sandostatin used for?
to reduce growth hormone levels in clients with acromegaly
Common side effects of sandostatin?
diarrhea, neause, gallstone formation, and abdominal discomfort. Hypertension may occur.
What does Levothyroxine do in relation to blood clotting?
It accelerates the degradation of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors. Warfarin should be reduced if someone is taking that and synthroid.
What type of splint is used to maintain the affected extremity in good alignment when a client is turned side to side after a repair to a fracture hip?
an ABDUCTOR splint
How long should a patient lie and in which position following a myelogram in which an oil based dye is used?
The patient should lie flat for 6-8 hours.
If someone has chronic lower back pain, what positions should they avoid?
any positions that place a strain on the lower back.
What is the onset, peak and duration of NPH insulin
onset - 1-2 hours
peak - 6-14 hours
duration - 24 hrs
What is case management?
case management represents an interdisciplinarly health care delivery system to promote appropriate use of hospital personnel and material resources to maximize hospital revenues while providing for optimal outcome of client care
The expression of ____ is known to be a normal response to impending loss.
When can HIV be passed from a mother to her infant
during the antenatal, intrapartal, or postpartum periods. THrough breast feeding.
What is a possible complication associated with nasogastric tube feeding?
How can you avoid aspiration in patients being fed through tube feedings?
Elevate the HOB 30-45 degrees following a bolus tube feeding. Put the person in the right lateral position.
Why would a nurse assess for gastric residual prior to administering a tube feeding?
to check to confirm weather undigested formula from a previous feeding reaminas and therby evaluates absorption of the last feeding
How long can an insulin vial be kept at room temperature withough significant loss of activity
1 month
What are common manifestations of Addison's disease
postural hypotension from fluid loss, syncope, muscle weakness, anorexia, nausea and vomiting, abdominal cramps, weight loss, depression, and irritability
What is effleurage?
Massage of the abdomen during contractions
Will a young child with cancer get radiation therapy or chemotherapy?
chemo because radiation can cause retardation of bone growht and soft tissue development in kids younger than 8 years of age
What will be elevated in people with neuroblastoma?
Vanillymandelic acid levels in the urine.
What condition will manifest in blast cells being present in the bone marrow?
What are common symptoms of a brain tumor?
projectile vomiting occuring in the morning and a positive babniski sign
What should a health care provider do to encourage pain managment in filipinos?
offer pain meds and encourage it because they see pain as a part of living an honorable life.
What is a major side effect of PTU?
agranulocytosis resulting in fever and sore throat
What are symptoms of iodine toxicity
abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea.
How is iodine toxicity treated
with gastric lavage and then administration of sodium thiosulfate to reduce iodine to iodide

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