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criminology final


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serial murder
killing of several victims in three or more separate incidents over weeks, months or even years
typologies of serial criminals
visionaries mission oriented hedonists power/control
believed to be suffereing from some sort of psychosis, they kill in response to voices or visions
mission oriented
mission in life is to rid society of undesirables ie prostitutes
thrill seekers who murder for creature comfrots, profit, or pleasures in life, as well as lust murderers
enjoy power and control over helpless victims and enjoy watching them suffer and beg for mercy
organized/disorganized serial killers
organized: plan their offenses, transport their victims. and keep trophies. they are normal in appearance and are socially competent. disorganized: socially and sexually incompetent. both ttypes often return to the gravesite often to satisfy their sexual fantasy
mass murder
the millking of four or more citimes at one location on a single occasion
spree murder
kills at two or more locations with almost no time break between murders
victim percipitation
completely innocent victim victim with minor guilt victim as guilty offeners victim as more guilty than the offender victim as most guilty imaginary victim
culturally violent offenders
individuals who live in subcultures in which violence is an acceptable problem solving mechanism
subculture of violence thesis
means of explaining the greater prevalence of violent crime among lowe income minorites from slum environments of large central cities
criminally violent offenders
use violence as a means of accomplishing a criminal act, such as robber. mental illness or brain damage characterize pathologically violent offenders
situationally violent offenders
commit acts of violence on rare occasions, often under provocation, such as domestic disputes that get out of hand
threatening to do bodily harm to a person or plaching him or her in fear of such harm. assault is attempted but uncompleted battery
offensive unprivileged and unjustified offensive bodily contact. inclueds mens rae (intentional or resulted from wanton misconduct)
forcible rape
forcible and unlawful sexual relations with a person against his or her will. rape is defined in common law as carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will
statutory rape
sexual relations with a victim under the age of consent
killing that is calculated in cold blood or with malice forethought
first degree murder
intent to effect death with malice aforethought deliberate act premeditated act
second degree murder
intent to effect death with malice aforethought w/o deliberation or premediation
felony murder doctrine
if in the act of committing a felony the death of one of the victims is brought about, this is murder though it does not necessarily result from intent, deliberation, or premeditation
homicide without malice aforethought
voluntary manslaughter
nonnegligenet intentional killing without malce aforethought often described as homicide in hot blood and often results from provocation
involuntary manslaughter
negligent unintentional killing without malice aforethought
real rape
aggravated raoe involving violence, weapons, attackers, and is recognized as rape by the courts
simple rape
everything else, including date rate, and is dismissed as "not real rape"
anger rape
means of expressng rape or anger, involves far more physical assault on the victim than is neccesary
power rape
assailant primarily qishes to express his domination over the victim
sadistic rape
combines the sexuality and aggression aims in psychotic desires to torment, torture, or otherwise abuse the victim
naive graspers
sexually inexperienced youths with unrealistic conception of female erotic arousal. possess a strong desire for affection but little respect of their victims autonomy in resisting such advances
meaning stretchers
most typical, date rapists. misinterpret a woman's affection and when she says no.
sex looters
little desire for affection and little respect for victims autonomy and use women as sex objects
group conformists
participate in group rapes or gang bangs, follow a leader
non criminal killing
excusable justifiable
criminal killing
murder manslaughter
excusable killing
no negligence or criminal intent ex. state executions
justifiable killing
killings resulted from necessity or lawful duty, protection, self defense
felony murder
no intent, strict liability ex. rape
negligent manslaughter
fault, recklessness ex. drunk driving
non negligent murder
not enough malice of forethought, crime of passion
homicide rates
highest in latin america us: south,w, mw, ne
criminal homicide offenders
mid 20s male disportionately African american disportionalitly poor
homicide victims
young male african america
homicide patterns
men kill men women kill men if a women is killed it is by a man she kills him in the kitchen he kills her in the bedroom occur among friends, relatives comes out of an argument
brutalization effect
area condones violence high rate of death penalty in south
malice of forethought
knowledge that through an action or omission, the result will be some one's death
child abuse
excessive mistreatment beyond any reasonable explanation
legally a violent crime directly related to community size S, NE, W, MW robbers are career criminals more people in US prisons for robberies than any other crime
property crimes
9 out of 10 crimes committed are property crimes juvenile deliquents commit about 1/2
occasional crimes
shoplifting, auto theft, check forgery, vandalism
3 types of vandalism typology
wantom: destructive acts for no gain- fun, risk predatory- for gain, vending machines vindictive: specific targets and victims
women and men proportionatly equal women 35 o 45 yrs old booster (professional) snitch (amateur)
auto theft
highest rates in canda australia and denmark us: w, s, mw, ne
types of auto thefts
joyriding short term transportation long term transportation profit motive
s,w, mw, ne

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