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The brain 2


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-The ________________ of the cerbral cortex has __ axons.
-_______ Fibers connect lobes within one hemishere.
-________ Connect the hemispheres via the corpus_________.
-__________ connect the cerebral cortex to other brain organs.
-Central white matter,3
-association fibers
-commissural fibers, callosum
-projection fibers
-below thalamus, the ________of the third ventricle is the___________.
floor, hypothalamus
Functions of hypothalamus
-involuntary_______motor activity(RAGE)
-________function(BP, pulse,digestion)
-nervous and endocrine system_________
-________ secretion
-emotions and _____ (eat and drink)
-regulation of _________
-body temp
-_________ nerves are__________ connecting directly to the underside of the brain rather than the _________.
-How many pairs of cranial nerves?
cranial, spinal cord
12 pairs
How many ventricles and what are they filled with?
1-2,one in each hemisphere and seperated by the septum pellucidum=
2-encase diencephalon
3-between the pons and the cerebellum
4 ventricles filled with CSF

1-lateral ventricles
2-third ventricle
3-fourth ventricle
hormones secreted by hypothalamus
-reduces kidney water loss
-smooth muscle contractions of uterus and prostate gland(reproduction
-antidiurectic H
-Oxytocin H
Functions of the limbic system
- establishment of ________ and ______.
-linking ________of cerebral cortex with _________ processes of other organs.
-thougt, unconscious
name the cranial nerves using-

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-The __________ of the cerebrum contains masses of ________ matter deep within the cerebrum.
-Processes ______,________, and________ info.
-cerebral nuclei, gray matter
-visual ,motor, emotional
protection and support of the brain:
continuous with the spinal meneges
cranial menenges
The brain requires ________% of cardiac output but circulation is _________ from the _________ tissue.
20%, isolated, CNS tissue
four cortexes of cerebral cortex
-frontal lobe, voluntary control of skeletal muscle
-parietal lobe, conscious perception of touch,pain,temp, and taste
-occipital lobe(sight)
-temporal lobe(hearing, smelling)
-primary motor cortex
-primary sensory cortex
-visual cortex
-auditory and olfactory cortex
Blood-brain barrier
-cells for barrier that select passage of appropriate materials
ependymal cells
-The cerebral cortex functions in____________ thought and __________ functions
-ependymal cells
-maintains constant internal environment
-requires 20% of cardiac ouput
-protection and support of brain
Blood-brain barrier
What are the functions of CSF?
Where is it produced?
Which is located in the____Ventricle
How much is produced in a day?
How often is it replaced?
-cushioning fluid, support, transport
-produced in choroid plexus
-3rd ventricle
-500 ml per day
-every 8 hours
-The _______ is located lowest in the __________. Connections between the _____ and ________.
-Functions as aRelay station from ______ to__________ regions.
Activation center for neck and back ________, adjusts ________rate and blood pressure,
-Medulla oblongata, brain stem, spinal cord and brain.
-spinal, brain regions
muscles, heart, basal
-The _______ system of the cerebrum contains portions of cerebral________.
-It includes the ________ which is below the________ ventricle, and assists in memory ________ and _______.
-Also includes the ________ which is the connection between t
-Limbic system,nuclei
-hippocampus,lateral, storage,retrieval
-fornix, hypothalamus
-The __________ is located ________ to the Pons and ________ to the occipital lobe.
-Consists of __ cerebral hemispheres and__ lobes-2 of each_______ and _____.
-Its functions are ________, it ______ complex body movements and also functions in
-Cerebellum, posterior, inferior
-2,2,anterior, posterior
-unconscious,coordinates, posture
-surface features of cerebrum
-elevated ridges are________.
-shallow grooves are________.
-deep grooves are_________.
-outer layer composed of gray matter___
-cerebral cortex
-sulci that seperates the parietal lobe from the frontal lobe
-sulci that seperates frontal from temporal lobe lobes
-sulci that seperates parietal lobes from occipital lobe
fissure that seperates hemispheres(right from left)
-what is the relay center for integrating sensory and motor pathways?
-It connects the ________ to the brain stem.
-What three structures does it contain?
-epithalamus, thalamus, hypothalamus
-The ______ is located ________ midbrain and ________ the medulla.
-Its functions are to __________ facial muscles, ________ control of respiration, and relay for the______.
-Pons, below, above
-activate, involuntary, cerebellum
-What is the root of the third ventricle?
-contains the-_______ which secretes melatonin, regulates day and night cycles
-pineal gland
The most complex organ?

How much of total neural tissue?

Reflex arcs are ?

What are the 6 regions?
1-the brain
4- cerebrum, diencephalon, midbrain, Pons, medulla oblongata, cerebellum
-egg shaped organ, _________ of third ventricle
-_________ ascending sensory info and permits only relevant infor into primary sensory________.
-filters - cortex
-The __________ is the midbrain, which is located _______ the diencephalon and _________ the Pons.
-Its function is to generate ________ responses to ________ and ________ stimuli.
-mesencephalon, below, above
-reflexive, visual , auditory

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