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Cardiovascular drugs 03


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What is a cardiac Glycoside
Digoxin (lanoxin)
What is the trade name for clonidine?
Memory aid
Clone a cat and press it
What is the generic name for Aldomet?
memory aid
Aldo met me and Ethyl. What a Dope!
What is the Trade name for prazosin?
memory aid
Pray your sins will be minimized and won't be published in the Press
Aldomet, Minipress, and Catapress are all?
Trade name for captopril is?
Capoten (antihypertensive)
Memory aid
In april its cool so you wear a cap
The trade name for enalapril is ?
Memory aid
enlarged P***k with a vasectomy
What is the trade name for lisinopril?
Prinivil, Zestril
memory aid
I sin in April with Zest
What is the generic name for Cozaar?
memory aid
Cozy losers - 10 of them
What are major side effects of antihypertensives?
Dec blood pressure, dysrhythmias, edemia, weight gain, N/V/D
What is the trade name for minoxidil?
memory aid -
A man putting hair restorer on his ten lone hairs
WHat is the generic name for HYTRIN?
memory aid -
Hydrangea on the Terrace
What is the generic name for doxazosin?
memory aid -
Doxies knocking on the car door
What is Nipride used for?
To decrease Blood pressure quickly in hypertensive emergencies.
What is the common name for Nipride?
Which antihypertensive group has weight gain as a side effect
sympathetic inhibitors (catapress, Aldomet, Minipress)

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