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chairside final exam


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who was Hesi-Re?
chief of the toothers and the physicians
how long had dental disease exited?
who is the "father of modern surgery"?
Ambroise Pare'
who is the father of modern dentistry
Pierre Fauchard 1678-1761
who earned the title of grand old man of dentistry? and perfects amalgam.
G.V.Black 1895
who was the first dentist to use nitrous oxide?
Horace Wells 1844
who was John Baker's famous patient?
George Washington
who was Robert Woofendale's
one of the first dentists to travel thoughout the american colonies
who founded the first dental school in america?
Horace H. Hayed
who was the first dentist to use a dental assistant?
C. Edmund Kells
who was the first woman in the world to gradute from dental school?
Lucy B. Hobbs
who was the first african american female dentist in the united states?
Ida Gray-Rollins
Where is the Dr.Samuel D. Harris National Museum Of Dentistry Located?
Baltimore, Maryland
Who founded dental Hygiene education in america?
Alfred C. Fones
name the three essential aspects of a professional appearance?
good health,good grooming, appropriate dressed
how can you show that you are a responsible person?
arrive on time, staying full shift,being a team player
what is the purpose of the adaa 'american dental assistants association'?
to become proactive and take leadership in dentistry and the healthcare profession
what credentail is issued by the DANB?
the dental assisting national board is responsible for testing dental assistants nd issuing the credentail of certified dental asstistant {CDA}
where can you obtain additional information about the DANB?
Dental assisting national board 444 N.Michigan Avenue Suite 900 Chicago, IL 60611 1-800-for DANB fax 312-642-1475
name the members of the dental healthcare team?
Dentist,dental assistant, dental hygienist,dental laboratory technician
name the nine dental specialties?
dental public health,endodontic,oral and maxillofacial radiology,oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral pathology,orthodontics,pediatric dentistry,peridontics, prostodontics
what is the minimal lengt of education for dental hygiene licensure?
two year academic years and an associate's degree in a ADA-accredited dental hygene program
what is the minimal lenght for an ADA accredited dental-assisting program?
one academic year in length
what is required before a dental laboratory technician can perfom a task?
a written prescription
what is meant by ergomonics?
Work dealing with a work environment
what is the goal of ergonomics?
to stay healthy while performing thier work effectively
what type of disorders are considered o be MSDs?
neck and back
what are the three categories of risk factors that contribute to MSDs?
posture, repetition,and force
what is a neutral postion?
by sitting up right with your weight evenly distributed
what is meant by a normal horizontal reach?
the reach created bya sweep of your forearm with the upper arm held at your side
what type of glove is most likely to aggravate CTS? cumulative truama disorders
right -left gloves
how can you reduce eyestrain?
look up from the task and focus at a distance for about 20 seconds
what exercise relieves neck strain?
full back release and shoulder shrugging
most important factors in preventing CTS?
resting the hands
what is he ideal temp.for the reception area?
72 in clinical 68-70
what type of flooring should be placed i the clinical area?
vinyl flooring
what are the important features of the reception area?
adequate seating, coat rack magazines and a area for children
where is dental procedures performed?
dental treatment area or operatory
what is another term for the treatment area?
operatory area
what patient chair position is used for most dental procedures
supine position
what foot controlled device used to operate the dental handpiece
rheostat controls
what does the abbreviation HVE represent?
High-volume Evacuator
in terms of the clock concept, where is the static zone located for a right handed operator?
in relation to the operator should the assistant be lower or higher when seated properly?
what else is in the assistant zone?
cabinets and counter top
where are instruments exchanged during procedure
tranfer zone
should the assistant use one hand or two to tranfer instruments
one handed technique
which hand is used primarily to tranfer instruments to a right handed dentist?
viewing objects using a mirror
what is another term for a finger rest?
what two types of evacuators are used in operative dental procedures?
saliiva ejectors & hve
what is the main fuction of the saliva ejectors?
remove saliva and blood
what type of rinseing technique is performed throughout a procedure?
limited area rinse
what three means of isolation are most often used in dentistry?
cotton rolls,dry angles,dental dams
why is it important to wet a cotton roll before removal?
tissues may be damaged wen a dry cotton roll is pulled away from the area
what is the term for teeth visible through the dam?
isolated or exposed
what piece of equipment stabilizes and stretches the dam awy from the tooth?
dental dam clamps also know as ligating the dam
if you are unable to slide the dam interproximally, what could be placed on the underside of the dam to help in the application?
water soluble
what is restorative and esthetic dentistry often referred to as?
operative dentistry
what is a common term used to describe decay?
which step in the initial preparation allows the dentist to determine the shape and placement of the cavity walls?
resistance form
which wall of a cavity preparation is perpendicular to the long axis of te tooth?
pulpal wall or floor
where in the mouth would you find a class 1 restoration?
occlussal pits and fissures of premolars and molars
how many surfaces can be involved in a class 2 restoratin?
two, three or multi surfaces
would a class 2 be anterior or posterior teeth?
posterior teeth
what restorative material would you set-up for a class 4 procedure?
composite restoration
what type of moisture control is recommended for class 3 and 4 restoration
dental dam using the mylar matrix system
what population has higher incidence of class 5 lesion?
older population
what are three reasons for placing an intermediate restoration?
to determine the health of a tooth,financial reasons,waiting for permanent restoration
is placement of an intermediate restoration an expanded function of the dental assistant?
what tooth surface most often receives a veneer?
anterior teeth
what is the difference between a direct and an indirect veneer?
direct technique with composte resin bonded directly to the tooth inderct veneers are prepared in the dental laboratory and then cemented to the tooth surface.
what are the three primary indications for tooth whitening?
extrinsic stains, aged teeth
what is used to hold whitening gel to the teeth?
custom fitted trays
main ingredient of whitening strips?
hydrogen peroxide
what adverse effects may a patient experience during tooth whitening?
sensitive teeth
what cavity classification use a posterior matrix system?
class 2
what is the plural of matrix?
what is used to hold a posterior matrix band in position intraorally?
universal retainer
when placing a matrix band, where is the smaller circumference of the band placed?
gingival edge, larger circumference of the band is the occlusal part
what instrument is commonly used to contour the matrix band?
universal retainer or contra -angle retainer
what additional items is used in the matrix system to reestablish proper contact with a adjacent tooth?
wood or plastic triangle or round wedges
what can result from improper wedge placement?
overhang or cupping
why can't a stainless steel matrix band be used with composites?
the curing light cannot penetrate through the material palodent type matrix is used for composite resin materials
what is another term for a clear plastic matrix?
celluliod strip or mylar strip
what matrix system is an alternative to the universal retainer?
auto matrix
childrens matrixs systems are call?
t-band or spot welded bands
what is another term for a thin polished matrix band used for posterior composites?
palodent type matrix band

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