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Bio 30 Genetics questions by GT


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what is the difference between polygenic genes and pleiotrophic genes?
polygenetic genes:inhereited characteristics that are affected by more than one gene.
pleiotrophic genes: genes that affect many characteristics.
Which genes are located on the same chromosome that tend to be transmitted together?
linked genes
In a test coss, would one breed a dominant heterozygous to an all recessive or a dominant homozygous?
dominant homozygous; breed most recessive to most dominant.
what are genes?
units of instuction, located on the chromosomes, that produce or influence a specfic trait in offspring.
which organism did mendel practise his experiments on?
garden peas
How can geneticists show the possible combinations of alleles in offspring?
punnett squares
Is a phenotype an observanle trait in an organism?
The hereditary factors that an indiviidual will pass on to his/her offspring are determined by his/her?
What happens during epistasis?
a gene masks the expression of another gene
what term is used to explain the trait that disappears in the F1 generation but reappears in the F2 generaion?
when crossing two heterozygous parents, what is the ratio expressed?
How many possible phenotypes could one expect to get from crossing with multiple alleles?
4 or more possible phenotypes.
Which blood type is dominant over o.
all , A,B.AB
With using mathematics in heredity, if two outcomes are independent, which rule do you use?
The multiplication rule
What is complementary interaction?
when two genes interact to produce a phenotype that neither is capable of producing itself.

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