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Epithelial Tissue


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Simple Squamous
One layer of flat cells. Usually forms membranes. Liens body cavities.
Simple Cuboidal
Single layer of cube-shaped cells. Common in glands and their ducts. Forms walls of kidney tubules. Covers the ovaries.
Simple columnar
Single layer of column like cells. Includes goblet cells, produce mucus. Lines digestive tract. Mucosae.
Single layered, but some cells are shorter than others. often look like a double cell layer. Sometimes ciliated (respiratory tract). absorption or secretion.
Stratified Squamous
Cells at the free edge are flattened. found as a protective covering where functino is common. located in skin, mouth, esophagus.
Stratified cuboidal
Two layers of cuboidal cells
Stratified columnar
Surface cells are columnar, cells underneath vary in size and shape.
Stratified cuboidal and columnar
rare in human body, found mainly in ducts of large glands.
Transitional epithelium
shape of cells depends upon the amount of stretching. lines organs of urinary system.
Glandular epithelium
2 major types: endocrine (ductless, secretes hormones)and exocrine (empty through ducts to the epithelial surface, include sweat and oil glands)

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