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Knowledge Bowl- Medical People


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Elizabeth Blackwell
1849, 1st US woman doctor
Charles Drew
Black US physician, researched blood plasma, set up blood banks
Alexander Felming
Discovered penicillin in 1928
William Harvey
English scientist who discovered how blood circulates.
Edward Jenner
English scientist who performed 1st vaccination against smallpox, on James Phipps in 1796
Greek physician, "Father of Medicine". Inspired the Hippocratic Oath, ethical code of conduct.
Robert Koch
German physician who established bacteriology as a separate science, found the germ that causes TB.
Karl Landsteiner
American scientist who classified human blood into 4 types.
Louis Pasteur
French "father of Bacteriology", killed microbes by heat (pasteurization) and saved French wine industry.
Jonas Salk, Albert Sabin
Found polio (poliomyelitis) vaccines

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