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Cosmetology - Infection Control: Principles & Practice


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One celled microorganisms with both plant and animal characteristics are known as what?
A type of pathogenic bacteria.
Name for harmful bacteria.
Pathogenic bactteria produce what?
A type of bacteria that lives on dead matter.
What causes Syphilis and lyme disease?
Cocci are bacteria with what?
Round Shapes
Bacilli are bacteria with what?
Rod Shapes
This is bacteria arranged like a string of beads and causes strep throat and blood poisoning.
Spirilla are bacteria with what?
A corkscrew shape
This is the bacteria that caused concern in the pedicure industry in 2000.
Mycobacterium Fortuitum Furunculosis
This is the bacteria that rarely shows active mobility or self movement.
The slender, hair like extensions with which certain bacteria move with are called what?
The process by which bacteria cells divide into two new cells.
What do certain bacterias like anthrax do they form during their inactive stage?
What is a communicable disease?
Transmitted from one person to another
A general infection such as (Syphilis, epidemic, or pimple) affects the whole body.
What is Pus a sign of?
What causes measles and hepatitus?
What is one difference between a virus and a bacteria?
Bacteria can live on their own
Hepatitus is a disease that causes inflammation of the wat?
The Liver
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) breaks down the body's what?
Immune System
AIDS is caused by what?
The HIV Virus
Which of these can cause HIV to be transmitted? (Sharing Food, Casual Contact, or sharp implements)?
Sharp Implements
Bacteria and viruses can enter the body through what?
Broken Skin
Molds, Yeasts, and Mildews are all forms of what?
In a cosmotology school or salon, anyone with a contagious disease should be what?
Referred to a Physician
Resistancy to an infection is known as what?
Surfaces of tools or other objects that are not free from dirt, oils, and microbes are what?
Removing pathogens and other substances from tools and surfaces is called what?
Sterilization is the only form of decontamination that kills what?
Bacteria Spores
Sterilization is used by which of the following? (Surgeon, Comotologist, housekeeper)
Surfaces that can be disinfected are what kind of surfaces?
Nonporous Surfaces
Why should disinfectants never be used on skin, hair, or nails?
Damage can result
Individual states and this agency must approve all disinfectants.
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
Every product used in Cosmotology schools and salons should have a what?
This is important information found on the MSDS.
Storage information
OSHA was created to regulate and enforce what?
Safety and Health Standards
A disinfectant that is formulated for hospitals and Health Care Facilities must be pseumonicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, and WHAT?
A salon instrument that comes in contact with blood or body fluids should be immersed in an EPA approved solution that can kills what?
HBV and HIV Viruses
Any item used on a client must be disinfected or what?
Before soaked in a disinfectant instrument must first be what?
Ultrasonic bath cleaners are an effective way to clean in the crevices of instruments, but only is used with what?
How long does it take for Quaternary Ammonium Compounds to disinfect instruments?
10 to 15 minutes
What kind of instruments is Phenolic Disinfectant in 5% solution used for?
Metal Implements
These were 2 disinfectants used in the past in salons, but have now been replaced by technology.
Bleach and Alcohol
States requiring hospital disinfection are not allowed to use what?
This is the technical name for Bleach.
Sodium Chloride
This is a produce that is not considered safe to use in salons because it causes several health problems.
Can you use bare fingers to remove implements from disinfectants?
How often should the solution used in a wet sanitizer be changed?
Once a day
When mixing disinfectants, you should always use this is mix with.
Where should disinfected implements be stored?
In a disinfected covered container
Ultraviolet (UV) sanitizers are most useful for what?
Storing disinfected Implements
Linens and capes should be used once and then laundried with what?
Those parts of tools that cannot be immersed in solution should be what?
Foot spas should be disinfected when?
After each Client
Every 2 weeks, foot spas should be filled with what and allowed to sit over night?
A 5% Bleach Solution
What should be done with cotton balls or wipes contaminated with blood or body fluids.
They should be double bagged
This is the third or lowest level of decontamination.
Washing your hands is an example of this kind of decontamination.
Rather than bar soap that can grow bacteria, this type of soap should be provided.
Liquid pump-style soap
In the salon, it is usually considered sufficient to wash your hands what way?
With soap and warm water
Can products known as antiseptics be applied to the skin.
The guidelines and controls that require the employer and employee to assume that all human blood and body fluids are infectious for HIV, HBV, and other blood born pathogens is referred to as what?
Universal Precautions

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