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Manifest Functions
intended functions (planning things out) ex) sending kids to school
Latent Functions
unintended functions ex)meeting other kids, learning to socialize
something that interrupts society, getting bullied, learning bad language
beauty, goodness, rightness
rules or expectations in society (NOT LAWS)
ways that we show our approval or disaproval. (frowning, smiling, middle finger)
segments of our society that are set apart from mainstream
counter cultures
thought to be harmful to society (Hippies)
judging anothers culture based on what you know
Cultural Relativism
when we look at a culture and judge it by its own standards
Cooley\'s Looking-glass Self
our perception of ourselves based on other peoples reactions
Anticipatory Socialization
you anticipate being accepted by a certain group in society
Voluntary ReSocialization
voluntarily join a group to change your problematic ways
Involuntary ReSocialization
put in a total institution setting (prison, mental, institute, bootcamp)
things that society doesnt accept (not norms)
Tertiary Deviance
\"whats the big deal?\", try to justify deviance
a label given to one who constantly commits deviant acts
Why do we punish criminals?
retribution, general detterene(fear), incapacitation(repeating off.), rehab
Absolute Poverty
dont have enough water and food, no shelter
relative poverty
inability to maintain an average standard of living
Symbolic Interactionist Perspectives
peace signs, thumbs up, alphabet
Homelessness in the U.S.
500,000 homeless around the U.S. (mistreated, addicts, mental illness)
Chantel Slavery
like what U.S. used to have(blacks)
Debt Bondage (slavery)
tied to one person b/c you owe someone a debt
newer form of colonization(has to do with big businesses and corporations)
cultural characteristics (food, religion, music)
talking about how you feel/think)
Exaggerated descriptions about a group
groups coming to america and trying to be like the dominant group
Graying of America
aging of the US(life expectancy longer, less birth)
Life expectancy
women-80 men-75 (longer because of new technology)
Elder Abuse
caretakers=females, physical abuse, financial explortation
Support Services, Homemaker Services, and Day Care
meals on wheels, adult day care, organizations help elders with their day to day care
Disengagement Theory
keeping society moving, 65 and older should retire, so younger generations can take their jobs
Activity Theory
middle age people substituting their previous activities and roles for new activities
Death and Dying
denial, anger, negotiation, depression, acceptance
organizations that make places home-based or home-like for the terminally ill
sandwhich generation
taking care of your children and parents
Families of Affinity
people who believe to be attatched to other people w/o being blood related
marrying more than one person and having a lot of children
marrying inside your culture
marrying outside your culture
Functions the family serves
socialize/teach, support/social standing
18,000 from other countries, infants and babies, people dont want older kids
Teenage pregnancy
U.S. has highest rate
family violence
one of the most unsafe places for women
children in foster care
not enough foster care is available. kids neglected
decling from what it used to be, people live with eachother without getting married
why has divorce become common
socially acceptable, women dont need to depend on men anymore, no ones fault, easy to do
increase in chances of divorce
young marriage, no strong religous connection, addictions, already divorced, poverty
liver disease, binge drinking(DUI)
#1 reason for death, most addictive drug
Illegal drugs
most common=weed, meth becoming more common
living will
a document stating what a person wants to do if their life is at stake.

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