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256. Main issue that dominates the political arena in the 1820s and 1830s:
economic stress and slavery.
256. Two new political parties that emerged in the 1820s and 1830s:
democrats and Whigs
256. Firsts of election of 1824
4 candidates for office, all same party, chosen by house, more democratic style.
258. What was Quincy Adams charged with in 1825 and why?
Stealing election, clay gave him presidency, later Adams made Clay sectary of state
259. Adams’s major weaknesses as president:
cold personality, nationalist (states rights at the time, general opinion).
262. Purpose of the spoils system and results:
bring in new blood, reward followers.
263. Part of America that was mostly hurt by the Tariff of 1828:
264. Calhoun’s South Carolina exposition:
about tariff, denounced the tariff as unjust, states should nullify tariff.
266. What did the Cherokees do to integrate?
Abandoned nomadic life, agriculture centered, alphabet, legal code, slave holders.
267. What was the Jackson administration policy towards the Indians?
Sent them out west and no rights for them.
269. Why did Jackson oppose the Bank of the United States?
Distrusted monopolistic banking, national government did not issue paper money, private banks had power (paper money).
270. Why did he veto the recharter
He hated it.
273. How were the Whigs hoping to win the 1836 election?
They didn’t, a ton of candidates no one serious
274. What caused the Panic of 1837?
Rampant speculation, Jacksonian finance, bank war, specie circular, failures of wheat crops.
276. What were the disputes between Mexico and the Americans in Texas?
Mexican wanted Texans to be Mexicanized (catholic) only 300 families no slaves, Texans brought tons more people and slaves, didn’t become catholic.
280. Reason why Jackson and Van Buren were hesitant to include Texas in the Union:
didn’t want to break neutrality.
281. How was Harrison portrayed differently from reality in the election of 1840?
Made to look like poor farmer, really a rich guy.
285. What was peculiar about the political parties of the Jackson era?
Democracy was respectable, both diff aspects of Jackson republicanism, mass based parties.

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