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The concept of ethics began?
During primitive times
Pt confidentiality is an implied promise that is a part of?
What ethic are you violating when you criticize your coworkers in public?
What organization supervises and regulates the practice of dentistry within the state?
State Board of Dental Examiners
What implies that the dental profession provides a significant service to society?
The speciality training standard provides a significant service to society?
What has occurred if you diagnose a pt's illness and fail to inform the attending physician or dentist?
With regard to the hypertension screening program, what medical objective does dental services support?
Early detection, evaluation, and treatment of hypertension
What psychological need is satisfied when pt's are informed of delayed appointments beyond the scheduled time?
Which general principle identifies desirable telephone manners for dental personnel?
Speak as a representative of the dental treatment facility
The types of dental care are
Routine, Emergency, and Elective
The correct priority of dental care is?
AD, FM of AD, FM of AD who died. FM retirees, and FM of deceased retirees.
What type of examinations may a qualified dental assistant or a dental hygienist perform?
4 and 5
Which of examination includes a review of new or existing full mouth intraoral periapical, or panoramic radiographs with posterior bitewings, and a formulation of a comprehensive treatment plan?
Type 1
What type of examination is used solely to initiate a member's record?
Type 5
Remote or isolated clearance can be accomplished by evaluating the dental health record if member had a Type?
1-2 exam in the last 3 months. (90 days)
A pt who requires maintenance therapy is placed in dental class?
A pt receiving active ortho tx is placed in dental class?
A pt with a periodontal abscess is placed in dental class?
A pt waiting for a biopsy report is placed in dental class?
A permanent mandibular left second molar is designed by the number?
What information must be recorded when local anesthetic is used?
Brand, % of soultion, type and ratio of vasoconstrictor and amount of anesthetic injected by cc or ml.
With the exception of the children's preventive dentistry program, when must section I, presenting dental status, of the 603 be completed?
When definitive care is provided
What charting symbols are transferred when a SF 603A is initiated?
Current treatment requirements in item 9.
The AF Form 644 is not used to?
Record dental attendance after normal duty hours.
Which encounter type on the AF Form 644 indicates the primary purpose is to provide a periodic examination to an active duty AF member?
Which appointment-use codes on the AF Form 644 are authorized with encounter Type P?
S and F
Medical consultation or treatment is recorded on?
SF 513
The cell membrane is that part of the cell that functions to?
Govern which nutrients and materials are taken into the cell.
Which of these is not an active phase of mitosis?
Which kinds of tissue have the special characteristics or irritability, contractibility, extensibility, and elasticity?
Which cells fight infection by enveloping and ingesting bacteria?
Which body system performs certain functions in regulation body temperatures, and also functions to protect and cover the body?
Skeletal muscles includes?
Origin, Belly, Insertion
Which muscle is located on the side of the neck, serving as a liner, and acts to pull the head left of right on the shoulder and flex toward the chest of shoulders?
Which segment of the cardiovascular system gives oxygen and nutritive substance to the tissue as the blood passes through it?
What part of the neuron carries impulses away from the cell body?
The largest part of the brain-which contains the frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes is the?
How many pairs of nerves are in the spinal column?
Which subdivision of the automatic nervous system slows the heart and lowers the blood pressure?
Which cartilaginous flap, lying above the larynx, moves to direct food and liquid into the esophagus?
What part of the lower respiratory system is a cylindrical tube composed of 16 to 29 c shaped cartilage rings and lines with cilia and mucous glands which help entrap dust and foreign matter?
The process of breathing is a harmonious interplay of nerve impulses, muscular activity, and mechanical pressure changes, all influenced by chemical changes in the?
The nerve impulses which cause the muscles of respiration to contract originate in the cells of the?
Respiratory Center
What accessory organ of digestion helps maintain the proper level of sugar in the blood?
Which part of the urinary system is defined as a tube passing from the bladder to the exterior of the body?
The pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain and has control over all other endocrine glands of the body is the?
Which of the following is the largest cranial bone?
Which two bones form a large portion of the eye sockets and the prominence of the cheeks?
What are the perforations on each of the surfaces of the body of the mandible called?
Mental Foramen
What action does the orbicularis oris muscle perform?
Closes and opens the lips and causes them to protrude.
The facial muscles of expression are innervated by which cranial nerve?
A person's complexion and ethnic group may cause what difference in their gingival?
Mamelons are found on which teeth?
Newly erupted incisors
What are the thread-shaped papillae located on the dorsal surface of the tongue called?
What is the second hardest calcified tissue in the body that forms the major portion of the tooth?
During what period of intrauterine life does dental development begin?
5 or 6 week
The wearing on the occlusal and interproximal surfaces of the teeth during normal masticatory function is called?
In a normal adult, how many teeth are located in each quadrant?
Which permanent molar has five well-developed cusps?
Mandibular First
Which characteristic of inflammation identifies rubor?
Which characteristic identifies dolar?
Disclosable amounts of plaque will usually form within?
4-6 hours
What is the average number of days required for the soft deposit to mature and change?
Which stains will you be able to remove for the pt?
Which bacteria causes dental caries?
Treatment of a nonvital tooth in the endodontic section entails?
What is a valuable diagnostic test when pt has a periapical abscess?
What condition may develop as the result of a chronic periapical abscess that causes epithelial cells to proliferate and successfully surround the chronic abscess?
Inflammatory cyst
Which oral hygiene index indicates detection of subgingival cal?
The primary custodian of dental records is the?
Dental tx folders of flying personnel are identified by?
Placing a strip of black tape on the right of the folder extending from immediately below black 9 to the bottom of the folder
What is used as a primary reference to locate a dental health record that has been filed?
Records that become separated from an active duty member should be sent to?
Gaining organization
To obtain dental records from a previous custodian, you would use?
DD Form 877
What actions is taken if an individual refuses to sign DD Form 2005?
Indicate the refusal on the form and sign and date it
Which nerve supplies sensory innervation to the tongue?
The soft tissue of the side of the face and nose, the lip tissues, and the muscles are supplies by what arteries?
External maxillary
Treatment of marginal gingivitis includes?
Systemic Evaluation, Removal of irritants, Oral Pro, Oral Hygiene Instructions.
Which condition is an inflammation of the soft tissue around the crown of a tooth?

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