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marine science plate tectonics


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textural term applied to coarse-and medium-grained igneous rock
fine grained igneous rock
outer shell of solid Earth. The outermost layer of crust is composed of sediment deposits and basaltic rocks.bottom is mohorovicic discontinuity.
Divergent Boundary
move apart
convergent Boundary
when two plates come together
transform plate boundary
shifting plate
long narrow deep depression of the ocean floor.
elevation rising 900 meters or more from the ocean bottom
island arc
island chain thats curved. trench on the convex side. assosciated with volcanoes and subduction zones.
midocean ridge
great median arch or sea bottom swell extending the length of an ocean basin and roughly paralleling the continental margins; area of oceanic crustal formation
Rift Valley
narrow trough formed by faulting in a divergence area
mass per unit volume of a substance
Pillow Lava
a characteristic form of lava extruded underwater, where the molten rock forms lumpy rounded forms resembling pillows
Spreading Rates
rates at which the sea floor spreads
islands which are formed by hotspots
pearl Reef
island of hawaii
Aleutian trench
trench near europe
East Pacific rise and the Mid atlatic Ridge
places where robert ballard did the testings
hydrothermal vents
associated with high temperature groundwaters for example alteration or precipitation of minerals and mineral ores
Photosynthesis vs. chemosynthesis
photosyntisis using living things use the sunlight while chemosynthesis uses the heat sulfate acid to produce sugar
Alfred Wegner
thought of the theory of continental drift and pangea
Laurasia, gondwanaland and pangea
triassic period of continental drift
deep sea drilling project and the Glomar Challenger
helped scientist discover geology and about the deep sea ocean floor
Microfossils and Core samples
helped the scientists discover the ocean sea floor
land that's on the continental plates
Alvin and Robert Ballard
saw the first living organisms in the deep sea near the hydrothermal vents

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