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Final Exam Hist 1301


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Define the Wilmot Proviso
Amendment to the appropriations bill to give the military money
What was attempted with the Wilmot Proviso?
Slaver forbidden in the W (House-Y, Senate-N)
CA Gold Rush funded
much of the industrial revolution
Zachry Taylor served...
1 yr, died in office
Who Took over for Zach Taylor?
Millard Fillmore
If CA was a free state...
Yankees would have house and senate power
Compromise of 1850 (Henry Clay)had what 4 things?
CA free state, NM & UT created (could be slave), Fugitive Slave Act, DC created capital
1850 Fugitive Slave Act
Fed Gv't had to help catch slaves and assisting a slave to escape became illegal
Consequences of the Fugitive Slave Act
More Freesoilers
DC made as capital b/c
no state could have it
Northern Attitudes about slavery
Maj-"freesoilers" keep slavery out of the W Min-Abolitionists (radicals)
Illinois passed laws preventing
Black Migration
Uncle Tom's cabin - supposed to
move the south against slaver
Effects of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Made sectionalism worse, more northerners abolitionists
President Douglas was a ______, nicknamed...
free soiler, little giant
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Created 2 territories as free states, the W open to slavery (chosen by popular sovereignty)
Effects of Kansas-Nebraska Act
thousands of abolitionists moved to Kansas to keep it free, 4k MI'ians came to vote pro slave and went home
The 2 factions in "Bleeding Kansas"
Regulators-proslave Red legs-antislavery
NE abolitionist churches funded the antislave movement via
"Beecher's Bibles"
Sumner-Brooks affair (Butler too)
Sumner insult Butler & S, Brooks beat him down in the senate
Whigs split into
S Dem, N Rep (North only party, freesoilers, free land)
Pres James Buchanan
From Europe, unsure about slavery
Dred Scott case
Blacks not citizens - no civil rights, MI compromise unconstitutional
John Brown's Raid
"God" inspired, kill white slave owners, and create liberation army
Slaveholders were what percent of the pop.
5% of citizens, 20-5% of families
Typical Slave ownership vs. 100 or more
2-4 slaves, .0003%
Planters had ___ slaves
20 and up
Harper's Ferry
John Brown took it by surprise, and sat for 2 days till the military took it back
"free men" / artisans
slaves could buy their freedom
Each slave cost
1500 then, 15000 now, for lowest quality
Gen. Sherman did...
plantation burnings
Dreyton Plantation saved by
14-yr old slave
Slavery yielded what percent profit yearly
class break down in the south
25% slave holders, 75% yeoman farmer
Turning point in defense of slavery
Garrison's "Liberator"
newspaper against slavery
Nat Turner Revolt
freest a slave could be, had is own church, etc. he and 60 men revolted and killed 60 others
John Brown's fate
Tried and hung - became a martyr
Election of 1860
N.Dem Douglas-pop sovereignty S.Dem Breckenridge - fed. protection of slavery N.Reps Abraham Lincoln - free soil
by 1861 _ states had pulled from the union
Feb 1861 Confed. States of America created
ownership of slaves guaranteed, pres serves 6 yrs and can't be reelected
Buchanan was
lame duck
Ft. Sumter
about to fall, lincoln sent reinforcements, but couldn't land, conf. officers came for flag lower, 3 died cannon misfire
Lincoln calls for all loyal men to serve, included S states and
4 more states secede
Winfield Scott's plan
build up tools, army, navy, cap the Mississippi and blockade the coast
Battle of Bull Run
4 days to march 30 miles (US), conf. brought in reinforcements and US ran
Maryland legislators were
Battle of Shiloh
S. Gen Albert Sid Johnson attacked Grant's 40k before he met up w/ Buell, neither win
The "bloody" aspect of the Civil war was foreshadowed by
the battle of shiloh
Robert E. Lee
defends richmond, had defeated all opposition, argued to raid PA for food and supplies, wanted to gain support from Britain and France to break blockade
Peace Dems
anti-war movement, known as copperheads
Lee to surprise attack McClellan, lee's orders make it to McC, Lee defends and repels 2/3rds
lottery draft 25% of total forces
Emancipation Proclamation released after Antietam
threatens to get a surrender = keep slaves
Effects of Em. Proc.
full abolitionist support, Britain and France won't aid S, free slaves fight for N
Vicksburg Campaign (over the Mississippi)
U.S. Grant captured
Lee vs. Mead 50k casualties
Grant captures RR xroad
Lincoln almost broke down
thought the war was lost for the N
US' war of CS' war of
US attrition CS moral exhaustion
Lincoln takes U.S. Grant and
gives him all navy and army (win my war)
To take Richmond
Grant took 120 good, Lee took 60 passable, Grant lost 60, Lee lost 25 "butcher grant"
Cold Harbor
8k dead in 16 min
Sherman's March to Sea
60 mi. wide "swarm of locusts", met up w/ Navy through Savanna
"The End"
Grant cut last RR to Richmond (Appamattox)
Overall dead numbers
N 360k, S 260k

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