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treatment of depression


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treatment of depression
what are the 9 symptoms of depression?
how many of these are required to be clinically depressed?
depressed mood
suicidal ideation
sleep disturbance
change in weight
psychromotor retardation
loss of energy
can't concentrate
5 for 2 weeks
does depression occur more in women or men?
who attempts and who completes?
women attempt , men complete
facts about depression
risk for 18-44
highest for divorcees, living alone, and urban city
if 1 twin has it - 50% chance the other will too
what can cause depression?
absence of rewards
stressful life events
lewinsohns model- occur bc doing passive unrewarding things - acting better before feeling better
maladaptive interpersonal behavior
what are the cognitive factors of depression?
distorted automatic thots- think neg of themselves
maladaptive assumptions- underly auto thots and include should and must
negative schemas-core belief about self
learned helplessness
what does klerman say about depression?
result of dysfunctional interpersonal relationships
problems in past
what is the outcome of cognitive behavior therapy?
change - 66%
mainatanence at 12 months
as effective as medication
treatment for depression
begin with socialization to treatment -
psychoeducation-teach concepts and that they aren't crazy
conceptulization of patient depression
establishing goals
behavioral activatoin
1st goal of therapy
combines reward planning and activity scheduling
what are the 4 steps to behavioral activation?
monitor current activities
develop list of rewarding actitives
planning activities
complete activities
graded task assignment
break tasks into smaller pieces
start activity in session and then extend into homework
what are some other behavioral techniques?
self reward
decreasing excessive self focus
social skills training
assertiveness training
problem solving training
what are some cognitive interventions?
help patient identify their own auto thots and maladaptive assumptions
techniques to challenge
vertical arrow- why would a guy not think u are attractive- what would happen- what would happen next
double standard- would u think ur sister was an idiot if she failed her biochem test

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