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Biochem-diff biochem and metab


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signs/symptoms pyridoxal P defic
convulsion, derm, anemia
b1 defic
beri beri, cardiac, edema, polyneuropathy
b3 defic
(pellagra) dermatitis, dementia, diarrhea, + beefy glossitis
b5 defic
dermatitis, enteritis, alopecia, adrenal insuffic, burning feet
causes b3 defic
hartnup disease, malignant carcinoid syndrome, INH
regulation acetylcoA carboxylase
(active when deP), + insulin, citrate, - glucagon, epi
regulation PDH
(active when deP), kinase: + acteyl coA, NADH, ATP, - coA, NAD, ADP; phosphorylase: + Ca
regulation glycogen synthase
(stim when deP) + Glu6P, insulin, - glucagon, epi
regulation glycogen phosphorylase
(stim when P) + Ca, glucagon, epi, - Glu6P, ATP, insulin
regulation citrate synthase
+ ADP, -ATP, NADH, succcoA/facoA (*no Ca)
regulation isocitrate dehydr
+ ADP, Ca, -ATP, NADH, (**no succcoA/facoA)
regulation aKGD
+ Ca, -ATP, NADH, succcoA (*no ADP)
regulation PFK1
+AMP, F26P, - ATP, citrate
regulation PK
+F1,6P, -phosphorylated, alanine
regulation Fru1,6P
(gluconeo) + ATP, - F26P, AMP
regulation pyr carboxylase
(gluconeo) + acetylcoA
biotin defic
anorexia, (enteritis) N/V, glossitis, alopecia, derm
b2 defic
(B2=riboflavin) causes angular stomatitis, Cheilosis, Corneal vascul
excess vit A
arthralgias, fatigue, HA, skin changes, sore throat, alopecia

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