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Diff Metabol Congenital


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CGD present
skin, LN, lung infxn with opp bac, esp Staph, E Coli, Aspergillus--in boys
homocystinuria present
MR, osteo, lens dislocate
MLD present
ataxia, dementia
selIgA present
GI, respir infxn, milk allergy, transfusion rxns
hyper IgM
pyogenic infxns
gingiva, skin infxn
pneumonia, sinusitis, otitis
Wiskott Aldrich
pyogenic infxns, eczema
pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchitis, GI
key diff presentation CVID, Brutons
CVID presents in 15-25, Brutons in 6-9mo
present Chediack Higashi
staph, strep infxns

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