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Biliary system 2


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before the Hep B vaccine, ____% of general dentists and ____% of oral surgeons had hep B
7-9% and 21%
hep b can be contracted from
needlesticks, contaminated survfaces, splashes to eye, or oral mucosa, percutaneously thorugh cuts or breaks in skin, contact with infected saliva
hep b is ___ times (more/less) infective than HIV
50-100 times MORE
hep c used to be called
hep non-a, non-b
hep c is DNA or RNA virus?
RNA virus
how many people in the us have hep c
4 million
how is hep c transmitted
blood and blood products
most peple with hep c infections got it from
blood transfusions prior to 1990
hep c can be sexually transmitted t/f
what is the leading reason for liver transplants in usa
hep c
hep b can proceed to chronic infection without an acute stage; hep c can proceed to chronic infection without an acute stage;
The first statement is true and the second statement is true
evan is a redneck; he is also yellow-bellied
The first statement is true and the second statement is false
most hep c infecitons become chronic and remaain in a persistent carrier state (t/f, name percentage)
true; 85% become chronic
hep c can be transmitted via saliva
which is more infectious, hep b or hep c
hep b
vaccine is available for hep c
no, false
hep c treatment involves which two drugs
interferon and ribaviron
most cases of hep c resolve
false; 15 percent resolve, most go chronic
most cases of chronic hep c form cirrhosis
false; 20 percent form cirrousis, 80% stabilize
name 4 extra hepatic manifestationso f chronic hep c
sjogren's like syndrom (dry eyes, dry mouth); rheumatoid arthritis; lichen planus (skin/mucosa) in 5-10%; Thrombocytopenia purpura
hep d is an RNA/DNA/partial RNA virus
partial RNA
hep d needs which other type of hep to survive
hep b; simultaneous infection with acute hep b, or superihnfection with previous chronic hep b
hep d transmission can be via
blood and sexual
hep e is transmitted fecal-orally, hep a is also transmitted fecalorally
hep e produces Acute/chronic/both hepatitis
hep e can cause ________, especially in india, and with pregant people
fulminant hepatitis
hep e can become chronic; there is no carrier state
False (it doesnot beome chronic); true
Hep f exists
probably not
Hep G is common; it is also well understood
false; false
TTV stands for
Transfusion-transmitted Virus
long term sequelae to chronic hep b and c can include
cirrhosis, increased bleeding tendencies, hepatocelluar carcinoma
HBeAg is a marker of
infectivity of hep b
describe what HBsAg, HBeAg, and anti-HBc levels do in cases of chronic hep b versus resolving hep b
chronic - levels remain moderately high; resolving, anti-HBc remains high, but HBsAg and HBeAg (marker of infectivity) die off
biliary cirrhosis is more common in
women 9:1 ratio women:men
biliary cirrhosis affects the
ductile system of liver
primary billiary cirrhosis is
autoimmune disease in which antimitochondrial antibodies are characteristic
an autoimmune disease in which the bile ducts are the target, and protal tract granulomas form
primary biliary cirrhosis
secondary biliary cirrhosis is due to
due to longstanding extra-hepatic biliary obstruction, sclerosisng cholagnitis, and tumors of pancreas
bile stasis looks like ____ and is common in ____ (disease)
yellow green discoeration of the liver; common in secondary biliary cirrhosis
alcoholic liver disease
steatosis (fatty changes in hepatocytes); focal liver cell necrosis, infiltrates of neutrophils and mallory bodies
mallory bodies are
intracytoplasmic eosinophillic inclusions
fatty changes in hepatocytes
a liver will first suffer from ______ or _______ before it finally ends up cirrhotic from alcoholic liver diesease
steatosis or hepatitis
autosomal recessive defect of iron absorption that leads to excess iron accumulation and pigmented micronodular cirrhosis
gilbert's disease
autosomal dominant, asymptomatic, affects 5% of population, intermittent jaundice, unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia
wilson's disease
autosomal recessive diesase of copper matabolism resuliting in accumulation of copper and kayser-fleisher rings
alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency
one of most common causes of childhood cirrhosis, high mortatlity rate, high rate of liver cancer
Rotor syndrome
yayser fleisher rings
brown ring discoleoration of the iris the is common in wilson's disease (accumulation of copper)
is gilbert's disease more common in women or men
Budd-Chiari syndrome
thrombosis of/obstruction of the hepatic vein
autoimmune hepatitis - how do you treat it?
primary biliary cirrhosis
autoimmune disease: destruction of intrahepatic bile ducts and progression to cirrhosis, htought to be due to type IV hypersensitivity
Primary biliary cirrhosis is autoimmune, but secondary biliary cirrhosis is not autoimmune
true; true
primary sclerosing cholangitis
autoimmune; affects young males (under age 40), usually have underlying bowell disorder; increased incidence of cholangiocarcinoma (10%)
most common benighn hepatic tumor
benign hepatic tumor associated with oral contraceptife use, almost all in women
Metastatic disease in liver
malignant tumor of liver; majority of liver malignaccies are metastatic; poor prognosis
hepatocellular carcinoma
most common primary malignancy; 5:1 males
a person with aflatoxin B1 or increased serum levels of alpha-fetoprotein might have
hepatocellular carcinoma (most common primary malignancy)
bile duct carcinoma
liver fluke infection is associated with
t/f cholahngeocarcinoma is associated with HBC, HBV, and/or cirrhosis
exposure to pvc, thorotrast and arsnec is associated with
hemangioscarcoma (a rare and malignant vascular tumor)
cholecystitis (acute)
inflamation, nausea, upper right quadrant/epigastric pain, might think it is a heart attack
cholecystitis (chronic)
thinckening of gallbladder wall due to fibrosis, chronic inflamations; frequently complicated by gallstones
porcelain gallbladder
dystrophic calcification in gallbladder
gallstones - causes irritation of gallbladder
gallstones are more common in
women 3:1; native americans; over fourty years old, fertile (multiple pregnancies), fat people
asian gallstones are primarily made of
calcium birubinate mixed with cholesterol
in u.s. gallstones are primariliy made of
most common primary tumor of gallbladder - very poor prognosis
t/f gallbladder tumors are often benign

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