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Principle of Independant Assortment
Each trait is inherited independant of other traits.
When considering two different traits at once.
What was Mendel's word for 'gene'.
When one gene hides the expression of another gene.
What would be the blood type of a person with homozygous recessive alleles. (ii)
O type blood
What are pedigrees and what are they used for?
Pedigrees are used to trace inheritance of a trait over several generations, and look like a family 'tree'.
Autosomal-each gender just as likely to inherit a trait. (not sex-linked)
Sex-linked-one gender more likely to inherit a certain trait. (not autosomal)
What word explains why A and B can combine to form AB type blood?
When there is a 6% chance of crossover between pieces of genetic information, how close are these pieces to each other? (Include the units)
6 map units
How many different gametes can be formed from:
GRJ, GRj, gRJ, gRj
A total of 4 gametes can be formed.
Are X-linked abnormalities more common in males or females?
Males, because there is no way to 'hide' these abnormalities with another X chromosome the way a female can.
What is the scientific name for the fruit fly, which is used so often in genetic studies?
When considering a homozygous dominant being crossed with a homozygous recessive, why does the F1 generation never show characteristics of the homozygous recessive in a simple dominance relationship?
The F1 generation always inherit a dominant allele from the homozygous dominant, therefore the offspring can only be a carrier of the recessive allele.
Why cannot a male be carrier of a sex-linked trait?
Males cannot hide sex-linked traits because they have X and Y. They must express BOTH of these chromosomes, and traits aren't hidden like when considering a female
Can the environment alter your genetic makeup?

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