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Test 2


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spirit that guarded the fire and homelife
What did the Pax Romana do?
make advances in science, streets, arts bc did not have to fight the wars, total stability
greatest poet, wrote Aneid (about prince Troy)
What day was Jesus' birthday?
December 25th
What did Hadrian do to the Jews?
crushed them and threw them out of Jerusalem (135 AD) settled outside of Jerusalem
Attila the Hun
in Asia- drives German tribes into rome in 440's; attacks some of the Eastern empire; 455 starts to destroy western empire
ancesteral spirits
Goths (visigoths and ostrogoths) Vandals, Franks - go to Rome treated poorly
savior- Greek (Christ)os
Worst invadors at like end
445 AD
vandals attack rome
claimed power over all patriachs (head of all the cities)
When did Marcus Auriles die?
180 AD last good emperor
Who was the first pope?
wrote love lyrics and Metamorphoses (myths written in verse)
Circus Maximus
race track with chariot racing, gets nasty (had spikes that could get the other guys and hit them)
What was Jesus to the state?
an enemy
Who were Jesus' parents?
Mary and Joseph
429 AD (800 years later)
vandals attack Africa
410 AD Kind Alaric
sacks Rome 1st time
When did they revolt?
278 AD (vandals attack goths during)
wrote Annals- the history of Rome under the Julio Claudian emperors and complained the society was going down
What were slaves considered?
a status symbol
power over the larger cities (five impt cities)
Where did the people want to live? (cities were formed here)
near outposts of the soilders
believe in many gods
Wailing Wall
when second temple was destroyed and the west wall was all that was left
Egyptian scholar that made a system based on geography and planets that said that all the planets revolved around the earth
believe in one god
goes to heaven
someone who dies for beliefs
Roman Language?
Latin then romance languages that came out of Latin like Portugues, French, Spanish, Intalian (Catholic Churches until 1960)
slaves trained to fight
leaders who read the Talmed and knew about it
What was the most important job?
What happened in 66 AD?
revolt against Rome and Jerusalem is destroyed
284 AD- general army; Rome gets power; says empire is too big and splits in 1/2; east and west emperors; government controls all aspects of life
What is Judea in 6 AD?
modern day Israel
100 AD summarized all medical knowldge
Christians believed Jesus died because _______?
he died for everyones sin through him ppl could be saved
head of church of small cites
What did Caligula do that was crazy? (also religious)
wanted to make his horse chief priest
Last Roman Emperor
Romulous Augusus 476 AD
For ______ years was stable but government was ______.
450 years, corrupt
Pontius Pilate
emperor at time of Jesus
In 312 AD what does Constantine do?
declares support for Chritianit (emperor, baptised on death bed)
Who were the invadors at this time?
the Germans, Huns push them; Antaih and Athens sacked and stolen from; 284 AD some success, invadors back economy iffy
cary water from mountains
How long could the Roman Soilders serve?
16-20 years
walks the earth 40 days
Augustus was________ in his area? (religious)
the chief priest
poet delt with human emotions in Oedr & Satires
wrote Parallel Lives- comparison Greek and Rome people
Rome spent alot of money on civil wars defending borders. Free people get a citizenship. Empire silver goes down and amount of silver in each coin goes down. Merchants demand more coins
What percentage of people were slaves?
What did Pontius Pilate do? And who is he?
he is the current emperor and he arrests, trial- guilty, and crucified Jesus
concerned about being under Roman control will "dilute Judisum" wants own country- also thought that a messiah would come and lead them to freedom
400 AD
2 seperate empires west was declining
235-284 AD
civil wars invaded and threatened
The five important cities
Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem
What were the most important crops?
grain, wine, olive oil
What were the three things that kept the empire strong and unified?
strong government, widespread trade + good transportation, roman army
big arena where slaves fought against each other also gladiators and they fought to the deat
supported Christianity; empire of the east; makes new capital Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) dies 337 AD
In 391 AD what does Emperor Theodosius do?
makes Christianity official religion of the empire
New architecture that was amazing?
concrete, aqueducts, archs, domes
loval services and cerimonies
When western empire is declining what is going up?
the church
Council at Nicea
325 AD write down beliefs of church, claim existance of Trinity (father, son, the holy spirit)
son of Marcus Aurilies
Jesus of Nazareth emphasized four things what were they? God above all else others as you love yourself 3.There is only 1 God 4.Promises eternal life & forgivness to those who accept God
Battle at Adrainpole
little kingdom- Germans destroy roman army

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