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the razor
le rasoir
the soap
le savon
the toothbrush
la brosse a dents
the towel
la serviette
the scissors
les ciseaux
the shampoo
le shampooing
the hairdryer
le sechoir
the comb
le rouge a levres
the eye liner
the mirror
la glace
the nail polish
le vernis a ongles
the deodorant
le deodorant
the washcloth
un gant de toilette
the toothpaste
le dentifrice
the eye shadow
le fard a paupieres
the mascara
le rimmel; le mascara
the perfume
le parfum
the mist perfume thing
l'eau de toilette
the after shave
the shaving cream
la creme a raser
the hand mirror
le miroir
the hairbrush
une brosse a cheveux

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