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What are the most important rules of dodge ball?
Dodge, dip, duck, dive, and⬦dodge
How to throw a football?
Fingers on the laces roll of the fingers.
How many balls in baseball before you can get a free base?
You can get fore balls before you get your free base.
How do you get a corner kick in soccer?
When your team kicks it out but the line they kick it out of must be the goal line.
In football how many points is a touchdown?
six points for a touchdown.
How many points is a free throw in basketball?
A free throw is worth 1 point per shot.
What gym unit is Russell doing right now?
What color is a leather football?
How many points do you get when you receive a field goal?
It depends, if its for the extra point after a touchdown then its one point if its not after a touchdown then it is three points.
How do you spell gym?

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