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인 커 뤄 저 벌 2, 구제불능의:The convict was an ~ criminal; as soon as he got out of prison, he said, he was going to rob another doughnut store.
인 크뤄 먼트 1, an increase:Bernard received a small ~ in his salary each year, even though he did less and less work with every day that passed.Doug built up his savings account ~ally, one dollar at a time.
인 디 줘 너쓰 2, native; originating in thath area:Fast-food restaurants are ~ to America, where they were invented.:The botanist said that the small cactus was ~ but that the large one had been introduced to the region by Spanish explorers.
인 디 전트 1, 궁핍한:The ~ family had little to eat, nothing to spend, and virtually nothing to wear.
인 덜 런트 1, 나태한:The ~ teenagers slept late, moped around, and never looked for summer jobs.
인 에 퍼 벌 2, 말로형용할수없는:The simple beauty of nature is often so ~ that it brings tears to our eyes.
인 얼트 2, 둔한:The baseball team seemed strangely ~; it was as though they had lost the will not only to win but also even to play.:To be ~ is to be characterized by inertia. As it is most commonly used, inertia means lack of get-up-and-go, or an inability or unwillingness to move.In physics, inertia refers to an object's tendency to continue doing what it's doing unless it's acted on by something else.
인 엑 써 뤄 벌 2, 가차없는:The ~ waves pounded the shore, as they have always pounded it and as they always will pound it.
인 퍼 미 1, 불명예:The former Nazi lived the rest of his life in ~ after the court convicted him of war crimes and atrocities.
인 페 추 에이 틷 2, 홀린:I was so ~ with Polly that I drooled and gurgled whenever she was near.:얼빠진 The ~ candidate thought so highly of himself that he had the ceiling of his bedroom covered with his campaign posters.
인 제 뉴 어쓰 2, 천진난만한:A young child is ~. He doesn't know much about the ways of the world, and certainly not enough to deceive anyone.:an ingenue(안 지 누 1) is a somewhat naive young woman, especially a young actress.
인 정ㅋ 션 2, 명령:Wendy's neighbors got a court ~ prohibiting her from playing her radio loud.:Herbert, lighting up, disobeyed his doctor's injunction to stop smoking.
이 나 큐 어쓰 2, 평범한:The speaker's voice was loud but his words were ~; there was nothing to get excited about.악의없는:Meredith took offense at Bruce's ~ comment about the saltiness of her soup.
인 오얼 더 닡 2, 과도한:The math teacher paid an ~ amount of attention to the grammar rather than algebra.
인 씨 디 어쓰 2, 음흉한:Winter is ~; it crept in under the doors and through cracks in the windows.:Cancer, which can spread rapidly from a small cluster of cells, is a ~ disease.
인 씨 누 에잍 2, 둘러서말하다:When I told her that I hadn't done any laundry in a month, Valerie ~ed that I was a slob(지저분한사람);넌지시비추다:He didn't ask us outrighth to leave; he merely insinuated, through his tone and his gestures, that it was time for us to go.
인 스터 게잍 1, 유발시키다:The strike was ~ed by the ambitious union president, who wanted to get his name into the newspapers.:선동하다:The CIA tried unsuccessfully to ~ rebellion in the tiny country by disturbing pamphlets that, as it turned out, were printed in the wrong language.
인 썰 전트 2, 반란자:The heavily armed ~s rushed into the presidential palace, but they paused to taste the fresh blueberry pie on the dinner table and the president's bodyguards captured them.:n.insurgency(rebellion)=insurrection
인 터 그뤌 1, 없어서는안될:A solid offense was an ~ part of our football team; so was a strong defense.
인 트뤸 터 벌 2, 고집스러운:The ~ child was a torment to his nursery school teacher.:완고한:Bill was ~ in his opposition to pay increases for the library employees; he swore he would never vote to give them a raise.
인 트뤤 써 전트 2, 타협하지않는:Roy was an ~ hard-liner, and he didn't care how many people he offended with his views.
인 트륀 직 2, 타고난:Larry's ~ boldness was always getting him into trouble.:본질적인:There was an ~ problem with Owen's alibi: it was a lie.
인 트뤄 스펙 팁 3, tending to think about oneself; examining one's feelings:The ~ six-year-old never had much to say to other people but always seemed to be turning over something in her mind.
이 넌 데잍 1, 범람시키다:The tiny island kingdom was ~ed by the tidal wave. Fortunately, no one died from the deluge.몰려오다:The mother was ~ed with telegrams and gifts after she gave birth to octuplets.
인 벡 팁 2, 독설:The critic's searing review was filled with bitterness and ~.
이 뤠 써 벌 2, 화를잘내는:The CEO was so ~, his employees were afraid to talk to him for fear he might hurl(내던지다) paperweights(문진) at them.
이 뤠 버 꺼 벌 2, 돌이킬수없는:To revoke is to take back:Something ~ cannot be taken back.:My decision not to wear a Tarzan costume and ride on a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is ~; there is absolutely nothing you could do or say to make me change my mind.
아이 티 너 뤈트 2, moving from place to place:The life of a traveling salesman is an ~ one.
주 디쉬 어쓰 2, exercising sound judgement:The firefighters made ~ use of flame-retardant foam as the burning airplane skidded along the runway.
적 스터 포우즈 1, 병치하다:Comedy and tragedy were ~ed in the play, which was alternately funny and sad.:~ing the genuine painting and the counterfeit made it much easier to tell which was which.:The final examination requires students to ~ two unrelated works of fiction.
키 네 틱 2, having to do with motion; lively; active:~ energy is energy associated with motion. A speeding bullet has a lot of ~ energy.:~ art is art with things in it that move. A mobile is an example of ~ art.:A ~ personality is a lively, active, moving personality.
러 카 닉 2, using few words, especially to the point of seeming rude:The manager's laconic dismissal letter left the fired employees feeling angry and hurt.:When she went backstage, June discovered why the popular rock musician was so ~ in public: his voice was high and squeaky.
램 푼 2, 풍자하다:The irreverent students mercilessly ~ed their Latin teacher's lisp(혀 짧은 소리) in a skit(촌극) at the school talent show.
랄 줴쓰 2, generous giving of gifts (or the gifts themselves); generosity; philanthropy:Sam was marginally(slightly) literate at best. Only the ~ of his uncle got Sam into Princeton.:~ can also be spelled largesse.
레이 턴트 1, 숨어있는:A photographic image is ~ in a piece of exposed film; it's there, but you can't see it until the film is developed.
러얻 칭송하다:The bank manager ~ed the hero who trapped the escaping robber. The local newspaper published a laudatory(=praising) editorial on this intrepid(무서움을모르는) individual.:Giving several million dollars to charity is a laudable act of philanthropy. Laudable means praiseworthy.
레 떨 쥐 1, 나태함:The couch potato had fallen into a state of such total ~ that he never moved except to change channels or get another bag of chips from the kitchen.:To be filled with ~ is to be lethargic:The ~(러 딸 쥑 2) teenagers took all summer to paint the Hendersons' garage.
레 버 티 1, 가벼움:The speaker's ~ was not appreciated by the convention of funeral directors, who felt that a convention of funeral directors was no place to tell jokes.:unseriousness:The judge's attempt to inject some ~ into the dreary court proceedings (by setting off a few firecrackers in the jury box) was entirely successful.
라이 벌 1, a written or published falsehood that injures the reputation of, or defames, someone:The executive said that the newspaper had committed ~ when it called him a stinking, no-good, corrupt, incompetent, overpaid, lying, worthless woman. He claimed that the newspaper had libeled him, and that its description of him had been libelous. At the trial, the jury disagreed, saying that the newspaper's description of the executive had been substantially is just like libel except that it is spoken instead of written.:To slander someone is to say something untrue that injures that person's reputation.
리 터 게잍 1, to try in court; to engage in legal proceedings:His lawyer thought a lawsuit would be fruitless, but the client wanted to ~. He was feeling litigious(리 티 져쓰 2); that is, he was feeling in a mood to go to court.:When the company was unable to recoverits money outside of court, its only option was to ~.
로우 퀘이 셔쓰 2, 말이많은:Mary was so ~ that Belinda can sometimes put down the telephone receiver and run a load of laundry while Mary is talking.n.loquacity 로 콰 써 티 2, 수다:The English teacher's loquacity in class left little time for any of the students to speak, which was fine with most of the students.
루 구 브뤼 어쓰 2, exaggeratedly mournful:To be mournful is to be sad and sorrowful. To be ~ is to make a big show of being sad and sorrowful.:Harry's ~ eulogy(고인에 대한 추도사) at the funeral of his dog eventually made everyone start giggling.:The valedictorian suddenly turned ~ and began sobbing and tearing her hair at the thought of graduating from high school.
매 꺼 네이 션 3, scheming activity for an evil purpose:This word is almost always used in the plural--~s--in which form it means the same thing.:The ruthless ~ of the mobsters left a trail of blood and bodies.:The ~s of the conspirators were aimed at nothing less thna the overthrow of the government.:This word is often used imprecisely to mean something like "machinelike activity." It should not be used in this way.
맥 내 너 머쓰 2, 도량이큰:The boxer was ~ in defeat, telling the sports reporters that his opponent had simply been too talented for him to beat.:Mrs.Jones ~ly offered the little boy a cookie when he came over to confess that he had accidentally broken her window while playing baseball.:n.magnanimity(맥 너 니 머 티 3)넓은아량:The ~ of the conquering general was much appreciated by the defeated soldiers.
맥 네잍 1, 거부:John D.Rockefeller was a ~ who was never too busy to give a shoeshine boy a dime for his troubles.
말 레이즈 2, a feeling of depression, uneasiness, or queasiness(메스꺼움):~ descended on the calculus class when the teacher announced a quiz.
말 피 전스 2, 배임행위(특히공무원의):President Ford officially pardoned(사면하다) former president Nixon before the latter could be convicted of any ~.
멀 린 절 2, 꾀병을부리다:Indolent Leon always ~ed when it was his turn to clean up the house.:Arthur is artful and he always manages to ~ before a big exam.
맬 리 어 벌 1, 연성(연ː성(軟性)[명사] 무른 성질. 유연한 성질. ↔경성(硬性))이좋은:Modeling clay is very malleable. So is Stuart. We can make him do whatever we want him to do.
맨 데잍 1, 지시:Our mandate from the executive committee was to find the answer to the problem as quickly as possible.:the will of the voters as expressed by the results of an election:The newly elected president felt that the landslide vote had given him a ~ to do whatever he wanted to do.:To mandate is to command or require. Mandatory means required or obligatory.
매 너 페스 토우 3, 선언문:The Communist Manifesto was a document that spelled out Karl Marx's vision of a Communist World.:Jim`s article about the election was less a piece of reporting than a ~ of his political views(그의 기사는 보도라기보다는 그의 정치적 견해에 대한 선언문이었다).
마할 셜 1, 정리하다:The statistician ~ed his facts before making his presentation.;집결시키다:The general ~ed his troops in anticipation of making an attack on the enemy fortress.
마할 셜 :warlike(호전적인)The parade of soldiers was ~ in tone; the soldiers carried rifles and were followed by a formation of tanks.; 전투의:Karate and judo are often referred to as martial arts.
마할 털 1, 순교자:Many of the saints were also ~s; they were executed, often gruesomely, for refusing to renounce their religious beliefs.목숨을바치는사람:Jacob is a ~ to his job;he would stay at his desk twenty four hours a day if his wife and the janitor would let him.
머 트뤼 큘 레잍 2, (대학에)입학하다:Benny told everyone he was going to Harvard, but when he actually ~ed it was at the local junior college.
머얻 린 1, 지나치게감상적인:The high school reunion grew more and more ~ as the participants shared more and more memories.
매 버 뤽 1, a nonconformist; a rebel:The word ~ originated in the Old West. It is derived from the name of Samuel A. Maverick, a Texas banker who once accepted a herd of cattle in payment of a debt. ~ was a banker, not a rancher. He failed to confine or brand his calves, which habitually wandered into his neighbors' pastures. Local ranchers got in the habit of referring to any unbranded calf as a ~. The word is now used for anyone who has refused to be "branded"--who has refused to conform.:The political scientist was an intellectual ~; most of his theories had no followers except himself.
멀 리 플루 어쓰 2, <목소리, 음악이> 감미로운:Melanie's clarinet playing was ~; the notes flowed smoothly and beautifully.
멘 데이 셔스 2, 거짓말하는:Thieves are naturally ~. If you ask them what they are doing, they will automatically answer, "Nothing."
멘 디 컨트 1, 동냥아치(집집이 동냥하러 다니는 사람)사실 집집이 돌아다닌다는 뜻은 없는거 같다:The presence of thousands of ~s in every urban area is a sad commentary on our national priorities.
멀 써 너 뤼 1, 용병:If an army can't find enough volunteers or draftees, it will sometimes hire ~ies. The magazine Soldier of Fortune is aimed at ~ies and would-be ~ies; it even runs classified advertisements by soldiers looking for someone to fight.:You don't have to be a soldier to be a ~. Someone who does something strictly for money is often called a ~.:Larry's motives in writing the screenplay for the trashy movie were strictly ~--he needed the money.
마이 크뤄 카하 점 1, 축소판:Our community, which holds so many different communities, institutions, businesses, and types of people, is a ~ of the larger world.
어 베이쓰 2, 설설기다:I ~ed myself before the principal, because I figured I had to in order to keep from being expelled.
어 벹 2, 부추기다:Abetting a criminal by giving her a place to hide from the police is itself a criminal act.
어 베이 언쓰 2, suspension; temporary cessation:Sally wanted to bite Mr.Anderson, but her father held her in ~ by grabbing her suspenders and looping them over the doorknob.:Joe's poverty kept his addiction to video game in ~.
앱 주얼 2, 맹세하고버리다:Under pressure from his teacher, Joe ~ed his habit of napping in class and promised to keep his eyes open for the rest of the semester.
어 바함 머 네이 션 4, 매우혐오스러운것:The lobby of the hotel was an ~; there was garbage rotting in the elevator and there were rats running on the furniture.v.abominate:to hate it, hate it, hate it:Judy ~ed the sort of hotels that have garbage rotting in their elevators and rats running on their furniture.
애 버 뤼쥐 널 3, 토착의:While working on a new subway tunnel, the construction workers found some fragments of pottery that may have belonged to the city's ~ residents.
앱 뤄 게잍 1, 폐기하다:When you see this word, you will often see the word treaty nearby. To ~ a treaty is to repeal it. You can also ~ a law, an agreement, or a ruling.
액 씯 2, 응하다:Mary ~ed to my demand that she give back my driver's license and stop pretending to be me.
액 쎈 추 에잍 2, Sally's pointed shoes ~ed the length and slenderness of her feet.
어 클레임 2, 갈채하다:The author's new book was ~ed by all the important reviewers, and it quickly became a bestseller.:When the Congress or any other group of people approves a proposal by means of a voice vote, the proposal is said to have been approved by acclamation.
어 칼드 2, to agree; to be in harmony; to grant or bestow:Sprawling on the couch and watching TV all day ~s with my theory that intense laziness is good for the heart.
어 쿠 털 먼츠 2, personal clothing, accessories, or equipment:Alex is a very light traveler; he had crammed all his ~ into a single shopping bag.:trappings(장식)Louanne had so many silly ~ in her expensive new kitchen that there wasn't really much room for ~.
어 크루 2, <이자가> 붙다:My savings account pays interest, but the interest ~s at such a slow pace that I almost feel poorer than I did when I opened it.;생기다:Over the years, Emily's unpaid parking fines has accrued to the point where they exceeded the value of the car.
어 크위즈 어 팁 2, 욕심이많은:Children are naturally ~; when they see something, they want it, and when they want something, they take it.탐내는:The auctioneer tried to make the grandfather clock sound interesting and valuable, but no one in the room was in an ~ mood, and the clock went unsold.
어 크윝 2, 무죄를 선고하다 of:The reputed racketeer had been ~ted of a wide variety of federal crimes.n.acquittal.Acquit can also have a somewhat different meaning. To ~ oneself in performing some duty is to do a decent job, usually under adverse conditions.:The apprentice carpenter had very little experience, but on his first job he worked hard; he acquitted himself like a pro.
앸 뤄 님 1, 두문자어(頭文字語) ((보기 WAC=Women's Army Corps))
어 두쓰 2, to bring forward as an example or as proof; to cite:Harry ~ed so many reasons for doubting Tom's claims that soon even Tom began to doubt his claims.:In support of his client's weak case, the lawyer ~ed a few weak precedents from English common law.
어 줠는 2, to suspend until another time:To ~ a meeting is to bring it to an end for now, with the suggestion that another meeting will take place at a later time.
:Congress ~s.
:The baseball season ~s.

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