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What was the name Confederates called draft dodgers
What factor had a major effect on Reconstruction
Abraham Lincoln's death
What group formed the Knights of the White Camellia
former Confederates called Redeemers
separate but equal
a concept from the ruling of Plessy v. Ferguson that permited states to pass laws that made it legal to have s-b-e facilities
a one-time reward for enlisting
a person who supported the Union during the entire Civil War period
Severance Tax
resources taken from land such as oil and gas
The surrender that ended the Civil War was signed where
Appomattox Court House
What event immediately preceded the Great Depression
The stock market crash.
to remove or suppress
Women's Christian Temperance Union
worked to stop the sale of alcohol
What constitutional amendment gave women the right to vote
19th Amendment
steps taken to restore the southern states to the Union and to rebuild the South after the Civil War
The withdrawal of a state from the Union
Which New Deal agency was responsible for building forest trails, roads, planting trees, and improving national parks
Civilians Conservations Courts (CCC)
Great Depression
began in 1929 when the stock market crashed and ended in the 1940s
Why were sharecroppers almost always in debt
merchants charged high prices and sharecroppers rarely made enough to pay off their debt
to approve or make valid
Who was the Commander of all the Confederate forces who surrendered at Appomattox Court House
Robert E. Lee
In Louisiana, who received the greatest number of popular votes in the election of 1860
John C. Breckinridge
one who holds extremist's views or wants drastic change
deliberate deception for unfair or unlawful gain
Who was President of the United States at the time of the 1927 flood
Calvin Coolidge
during WWI, where in La. was a large military camp established
progressive movement
a series of movements whose members believed that the gov't was best equiped to fix the ills of society
What effect did the Civil War have on the state of Louisiana
it left Louisiana heavily damaged many men killed or wounded and buildings were burned
Info that is spread for the purpose of promoting same cause
a term applied to a white who moved south to help carry out Congress' reconstruction plan
persons would opposed slavery
What U.S. Supreme Court case established the s-b-e concept
Plessy v. Ferguson
What were black farm workers who moved to Kansas after reconstruction
workers' compensation
gov't insurance program for those killed or injured on the job
What system provided cheap labor in La.
convict lease system
Who did the free men of color support at the beginning of the Civil War? Union or Confederacy?
What group started the first colleges for African American
Northern Misionary groups
What were two popular kinds of entertainment during the last years of Reconstruction
baseball --- steamboat races
an absence of government
What was the site of Louisiana's first radio broadcast
Loyola University
What law promoted the concept of popular sovereignty
Missouri Compromise
What were the programs suppported by Huey Long when he was governor
eliminated poll tax, homestead exemption, and paved roads
Why was the Freedmen's Bureau formed
to help former slaves
Why did General Benjamin Butler close a number of churches in New Orleans
They only prayed for Jefferson Davis not Abraham Lincoln
How did the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin help the cause of the Abolitionists
It depicted slave owners as cruel and cold-hearted
White League
organization established by redeemer Democrats to restore power to the pre-war white Democrats
Who was Louisiana's governor when the state seceded from the Union
Thomas Moore
What was another term for military Reconstruction
Radical Reconstruction
an agricultural system developed in South where planters supplied land and tools and cabins and workers worked all year in return for a share of the profit
Freedmen's Bureau
Established in 1865 to provide (1) food (2) shelter (3) education (4) health care, and (5) employment for former slaves
Forbidding by law the making and selling of alcohol
Who was called "the brains of the Confederacy"
Judah P. Benjamin
Who was the Union General who took command of New Orleans after its capture
General Benjamin Butler
What political party was formed because of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Compromise of 1850
(1) part of Texas was given to New Mexico (2) fugitive slave law was strengthened (3) decision on whether slavery would be allowed in New Mexico and Utah would be up to the residents of that area
workers refused to work until demands were met
Where did the longest seige of the Civil War take place
Port Hudson
Public Service Commission
state commission whose job it was to regulate transportation and communication companies
Ku Klux Klan
secret racist organization that used violence and intimidation against minorities whose behavior or actions they did not like
What kind of economy did the former Confederates want
a plantation economy
a former slave
to volunteer to join the army
a term applied to a native white southerner who supported the Republican party during Reconstruction
the process of bringing charges or wrongdoing against public officials still in office
Why did La. establish the convict lease system
to earn money
What New Deal agency was created to ensure banks would be less likely to fail in the future
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Define states' rights
the belief that states could block or overrule the actions of the federal government
Confederate States of America
the name of the government formed by the Southern states when they seceeded from the Union
a draft
Jim Crow Laws
restricted the freedom of A.A. & required s-b-e facilities
Black Code
a series of laws passed that restricted the freed men's actions, movements, and conduct
Knights of the White Camellia
a secret organization that operated in Louisiana during military reconstruction and used threats of physical violence to keep freedmen from voting or forced them to vote Democrat
a break in the levee
What type of music is associated with Louis Armstrong
What was the purpose of the Union's "scorched Earth policy"
To leave nothing for the confederates to use to make war
Missouri Compromise
1820 -- Missouri would enter the Union as a slave state and Maine would enter as a free state
What happened to Louisiana's cotton crop during the Great Depression
the price of cotton fell dramatically
Why did Franklin Roosevelt close banks when he became president
He closed all banks until a federal examiner could prove the bank was sound enough to survive.
Share Our Wealth Program
Huey Long's program; would have eliminated poverty by giving every family a minimum income and providing old age pension
The commander of the United States Navy at New Orleans was who
David Farraguat

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