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Final Exam Questions


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she continued to scream breathless, her voice broken by sobs
Madame Schachter
There was no longer any joy in his eyes
The Jewish Community in Sighet held him in the greatest esteem
"I don't attach any importance to my life anymore. ...I wanted to come back and warn you
"The only thing that keeps me alive that Reizel and the children are still alive
Stein of Antwerp
"She was about fifty..her husband and 2 eldest sons had been deported with the first transport by mistake
Madame Schachter
"He was very poor and lived humbly..Nobody felt embarrassed by him.
He too had become a completely different person..The student of the Talmud
...a cruel face, but not devoid of intelligence
Dr. Mengele
Does not realize his son has aboandoned him during the forced march
Rabbi Eliahou
Plays a violin concerto as he slowly dies
Has an operation on his foot
Loses his will to live when he is the victim of selection
Is trampled to death when he can no longer run with all the Jewish prisoners
WHips ELie for seeing him with a naked girl
Night Book-Forces Elie to give him his gold tooth
Night Book-Hanged in front of the prisoners as an example
Night Book-Amost thrown off the train because the prisoners thought he was frozen
Meir Katz
Night Book-SHe was the oldest of Elie's sisters
Night Book-Prepared the food and knapsacks for their deportation
Jewish women
Night Book-The son beats his father who eventually dies over a piece of bread
Chap. 11-Garvey never had the opportunity to set food on what continent?
Chap. 11-How many soldiers returned to civilan life following the war?
four million
Chap. 11-In what country did Garvey grow up?
Chap. 11-Name three new technologies that became very popular during the 1920s
assembly lines, commercial radio movies, washing machines, mixers
Chap. 11-She was a noted feminist, writer, speaker, who was deported to Russia
Emma Goldman
Chap. 11-What Amendment to the Constitution forbid transporting or selling of alcohol?
18th Amendment
Chap. 11-Who was Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer?
In 1920s was leader of anti-communist raids called the Palmer Raids
Chap. 11-What U.S. President would eventually pardon Garvey?
President Coolidge
Chap. 11-What was one of the most influential books in Garvey's life? Author?
Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington
Helped photography become an important art form during the 1920s and focused on everyday scenes
In what years did the Harlem Renaissance
Chap. 11-Return to Normalcy was the slogan for which presidential candidate?
Chap. 11-By 1919 how many followers did Garvey claim?
Three million
Chap. 12-At the 1912 Olympic Games, he beame the first contestant to win both the pentahlon and the decathlon
Jim Thorpe
As what was the Harlem Renaissance also known?
Black Renaissance
Broke the world record when swimming the English Channel
Gertrude Ederle
During the 1920s, what music became popular influencing dancing and classical music?
Flappers defied traditional standards of womanly behavioar by wearing dresses short, bobbing their hair, wearing makeup, driving cars, participating in sports, and what else?
smoked cigarettes
Ford modeled his assembly lines after what industry?
From where did the movement get it's name?
He pioneered techniques used to increase workers' output
Frederick Taylor
In what years did the Harlem Renaissance begin and end and why?
1920s after WWI and ended with the Great Depression. Started because of African American artistic pride and success
Prohibition was unpoular with immigrants, city dwellers and what other group of people?
college students
Some of the new "structures" that sprouted out because of the growth of the auto were filling stations, dirve-in restaurants, tourist cabins and what else?
The four factors that led to the boom times of the 1920s were the Republican probusiness stance, abundant supplies of energy, new industries and what else?
assembly line
This Mexican muralist praised the nobility of the worker
Jose Clemente Orozco
This revivalist preacher, preaches against alcohol and drew hugh crowds to his revivals
Billy Sunday
This was passed in 1919 to enforce the 18th Amendment
Volstead Act
This was used by industrial designers to create products that were intended to go out of style
What percentage of the U.S. population lived in a metropolitan area by 1920
What two inventions allowed chain stores to stock a wide variety of new products
Cellophane and quick freezing techniques preserving foods
What were three of the negative effects of the automobile?
reduced sense of neighborliness
increased accident rate
Who helped found the Negro People's Theater to increasae opporunites for African American actors and playwrights.
Rose McClendon
He was one of the Negro National League best players, voted to the baseball Hall of Fame
Satchel Paige
Playing the market by buying and selling to make a quick profit
stock speculation
Purchasing stock with borrowed money. Many speculatros put up as little as 10% of the price of the stock
margin buying
The idea that success comes through individual effort and private enterprise
rugged individualism
Name the person that became a kind of hero to many, like Robin Hood
Josefina Fierro de Bright ??
This magazine published condensed articles from various magazine for families on limited budget
Readers Digest
Name the march where workers demanded union recognition, full employment, and a six hour day. Four were killed 25 wounded
Hunger march on the Ford Auto plant in Detroit Michigan
This committeee had as many as 1600 physicians donating fee medical care
Red Cross ????
10000-20,000 WWI veterans and their families cam to Washington D.C. to support a veterans bonus bill then before Congress
Bonus Army
Nine black you, ages 13-21 were sentenced to death in Alabam on a highly questionable rape charge
Scottsboro Boys
The total value of all goods and services produced in a given year
gross national product
He was the most hated man in America in 1932
President Herbert Hoover
Henry Ford had once been voted the greatest man in history after what two other people
Hoover blamed the depressed on what?
state of the world economy
According to the film "A Job at Ford's, what president saved capitalism?
By November 29, 1930 what group was feeding 800 people per day?
Red Cross?
Who was Alfred Smith?
The Democratic candidate who lost to Herbert Hoover
Four factors contributing to the Great Depression
global economy,
unequal distribution of wealth
overproduction of goods
August 1939 Soviet Union and Germany signed a pact agreeing to divide Poland between them and in exchange neither would attack the other.
Nazi-Soviet Pact
The number of Americans who lost their lives during WWI
over 400, 000
Countries run largely to serve the interests of foreign companies
banana republics
This describes a policy of withdrawal from world affairs in the 1920s and 1930s because of WWI
neutrality ???
Terms used to describe that Germans had to pay 32 billion in damages to Allied countries after WWI
The National Socialist Pary in 1932 earned 40% of the vote
US Election ??
Founded the Facist Party in Italy in 1921. Believed that a military dominatd government should control all aspects of society
lightning war
Send by Coolidge to Nicaragua to negotiate end of civil war.
Henry Stimson
Approximately how many Japanese were interned during WWII?
65, 000
3000 Americans acted as volunteers to fight on behalf of the loyalists
NOv. 9, 2938 Nazi Thugs burned down synagogues and destroyed Jewish businesses "Night of the Broken Glass"
What was the name of the photographer hired by the government to document the plight of the rural poor?
Roy Stryker
The number of over overall deaths in World War II
50 million
FDR's policy toward Latin America stated that "no nation has the affairs of another nation"
Good Neighbor Policy
Steinbeck's book that dramatize poverty of depression
The Grapes of Wrath
Phillip Randolph threatened to bring 100,000 blacks to Washington D.C. unless he did what?
made laws against racial discrimination
Giving in to demands in an effort to avoid larger conflicts
62 nations singed this outlawing war
Kellog Briand Pact
HItler's book
Mein Kampf
What 2 countries declared war on US two days after Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese?
Japan and Italy
What groups did Hitler blame for the decline of Germany
Jews and intellectuals
Which of the following was NOT a country Hitler had invaded by 1940?
Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Netherlands
Russia ???

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