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13. German expansion into Czechoslovakia and Poland is often held as the catalyst to the Second World War. While the French and British saw this as aggression, the Germans argued different. What reason did some Germans offer for their expansion?
Compact Countries
efficient, not to far away, balanced o E.g. = Poland, Kenya
36. What is the northern-most point in the continental United States?
Angle Township
9. In New York City, which neighborhood is home to a large number of Dominicans?
33. As far as countries are concerned, what region still possesses frontiers rather than boundaries?
Arabian Peninsula
29. The Treaty of Tordesillas divided the "new world" between what two countries
Portugal and Spain
5. Approximately 30 percent of all Hispanics live in what state?
Where was the first city-state created?
an indication of the standard of living in a country; It aims to show the inequalities between men and women in the following areas: long and healthy life, knowledge, and a decent standard of living
26. What were the initial goals of the Chinese Nationalists (KMT) that fled to Taiwan?
American-inspired federalism and provincial independence. However, after its reorganization along Soviet lines, the party aimed to establish a centralized one party state with one ideology - Three Principles of the People.
45. What prominent feature do the flags of Australia and Papua New Guinea share?
Southern Cross
48. What type of images is incorporated into the Euro?
European Architecture Themes
4. In which US state do African-Americans make up the 33 percent of its population [the largest percentage of African-Americans in the country]?
44. The colors associated with Pan-Africanism (red, yellow, and green) are credited to which country's flag?
8. What is the process where an ethnic group migrates to a neighborhood and replaces an established neighborhood (it was a process I mentioned in class)?
Invasion and Secession
42. What countries' flags are completely identical, using a blue, yellow, and red pattern?
Chad and Romania
49. Where did the Swastika originate?
Hindu, Japan
a measure of inequalities between men's and women's opportunities in a country. It combines inequalities in three areas: political participation and decision making, economic participation and decision making, and power over economic resources.
10. What court case established the "separate but equal" doctrine?
Plessy vs. Ferguson
What three countries have overlapping claims in Antarctica?
United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile
46. As mentioned in class, certain events on or around the Golden Gate Bridge give it a less publicized and somewhat gruesome symbolic meaning. What are these events?
47. What building is currently the tallest occupied building in the world?
Taipei 101
43. The flags of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador are based on the flag of which territory?
Gran Colombia
extensions, water access (common) ex Thailand, Afganistan
15. What is country is a prime example of a multi-national state?
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
24. What country was the most recent addition to the United Nations?
17. What is the name of the ethnic Armenian enclave located within Azerbaijan?
Nagorno Karabakh
6. What is the only US state where (white) Caucasians are NOT the majority?
1. Egypt was one of the first Arab states to normalize relations with Israel. However, this step came at a steep cost - the assassination of the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Which group claimed responsibility for this assassination?
18. Eri Yoshida's selection in a Japanese baseball league's draft represented a first ever in major sports. What was it?
First female Player
b. What country has the highest percentage of females in parliament?
32. The need for access to the Zambezi River led to the odd shape of what present-day country?
23. Does Florida legally allow for same-sex couple adoptions of any type?
What country still lays claim to Western Sahara
What is the name of the group in Darfur that is blamed for much of the massacre?
o Elongated
Stretched out ex: Chile
o Perforated
Hole punched out ex: south africa, Italy
Know the four classifications of Apartheid:
Black, White, Colored, Asian
35. Along what line of latitude did the Treaty of 1818 and the Oregon Treaty set the US/Canada border?
49 North
30. What country is considered the smallest in the world?
39. What majority-Hispanic county in Texas has split by Districts 23 and 28, resulting in a gerrymandering case [based on District 23]?
Webb County
21. What was significant about the recent state legislature elections in New Hampshire?
1st female majority state legislature in U.S. history
2. What is the name of the terrorist organization that is rooted in Southeast Asia
Jemaah Islamiah
50. Which U.S. state recently voted to NOT to alter its state flag, thereby maintaining the incorporation of the Confederate Battle Flag?
40. What country was one of the earliest to use the horizontal, three-color flag design?
16. Other than ethnicity, what is the fundamental difference between Chechens and Russians?
Chechans are Muslims
o Fragmented
islands, stretched out ex: Indonesia, USA
14. King James VI, who would also become King James I of England, ruled what country?
12. Who was primarily responsible for the dismantling of Apartheid?
F.W. de Klerk
34. Why is there a border dispute between Malawi and Tanzania?
River songwe has been shifting

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