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4th Grade History - Chapter 18


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John Glenn
first American to orbit the earth
Patsy Mink
she was the first Japanese-American woman to serve on the US Congress
Lyndon B. Johnson
president during the Vietnam War
George Bush
this president promised to continue the job Reagan began
Ben Campbell
this native American became a senator
Neil Armstrong
first man to walk on the surface of the moon
Clarence Thomas
President Bush appointed this African-American to the Supreme Court
Mikhail Gorbachev
Reagan met with this Soviet president
Gerald Ford
Became president after Richard Nixon
Jimmy Carter
this president surrendered the Panama Canal Zone to military dictator of Panama
Saddam Hussein invaded this country in August 1990
Bill Clinton
many questions arose about this Persident's character
Operation Desert Storm
the purpose of this move was to liberate Kuwait
Boris Yeltsin
president of the Russian Republic
Interstate Highway System
this series of roadways linked the entire country together
Camp David Peace Accords
peace treaty President Carter achieved between Egypt and Israel
Alan Shepard
the first American to fly in space
St. Lawrence Seaway
this drew Canada and the US closer and opened the Great Lakes to ocean shipping
Daniel Inouye
the first Japanese-American to serve in the US Congress
Marian Anderson
recognized in Europe as a great opera singer
Regan sent troops to this island to liberate the people from Communism
Fidel Castro
communist dictator of Cuba
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
black minister who organized a civil rights campaign
Reagan nicknamed this "the Evil Empire"
the name of the Space Shuttle that exploded in 1986
General Norman Schwarzkopf
he was appointed to lead troops into combat during Desert Storm
Richard Nixon
the first president to resign from office
General Colin Powell
he commanded Operation Desert Storm
Regan Revolution
this was the attempt to return America to the traditional values of chruch, family and free enterprise
Jonas Salk
invented a vaccine for polio
Roe v. Wade legalized this
Bombing - World Trade Center / OK Federal Building
two terrorist acts were committed during Clinton's first term
1964 Civil Rights Act
this law guaranteed voting, housing, and job rights for ethnic minorities
he strengthened NATO and established SEATO
Christa McAulife
first ordinary citizen to fly in space
conflicts during JFK's presidency
Bay of Pigs; Cuban Missile Crisis
Desert Storm
this was the shortest war America has ever fought (2 1/2 months)
during his presidency, the Supreme Court ruled prayer and Bible reading illegal in public schools
Ronald Reagan
this president wanted to return America to traditional family values; served 2 terms
Sandar Day O'Connor
the first woman justice ever to serve the Supreme Court
Saddam Hussein
the dictator of Iraq in 1990
Jackie Robinson
first black major league baseball player; Brooklyn Dodgers
desegretation school law
blacks to attend school with whites
Regan Doctrine
this was the idea that Communism needs to be stopped before it attacked and enslaved a country

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