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Review of terms


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Warren G Harding
president who called for a return to normalcy following WWI
countries worked to reduce militaries after WWI
illegally smuggled alcohol into our country
organized crime
grew during the 20s because of Prohibition
Kellogg-Briand Pact
outlawed war
Harlem Renaissance
a literary and music movement that focused on promoting African American culture
Henry Ford
introduced the assembly line; made automobiles more affordable; produced the Model T
F. Scott Fitzgerald
wrote "The Great Gatsby"
Langston Hughes
poet of the Harlem Renaissance
Jones Act
granted citizenship to Puerto Ricans
young women who rebelled against tradition; short hair, short skirts,smoking etc
Sacco and Vanzetti
two Italian anarchists who were executed for a crime that they may not have committed; reflective of the red scare and nativism that plagued the country
time period in our country where alcohol was banned (illegal)
Charles Lindbergh
first to fly solo across the Atlantic; plane was named the Spirit of St. Louis
Marcus Garvey
called for a "back to Africa" movement that encouraged African Americans to look to their cultural roots in Africa
21st amendment
repealed Prohibition
to cancel
uneven prosperity
while most people were "roaring" during the twenties, farmers and foreigners were not doing well
Louis Armstrong
young African American trumpeter; jazz musician
Babe Ruth
baseball legend
people who leave their own country to live in a foreign land
bull market
League of Women Voters
worked to educate women to use their newfound suffrage rights
new form of entertainment of the 1920s; shows, music, and news became family activities
illegal bars set up in legal establishments
installment buying
buying on credit; buy now,pay later
an activity or a fashion that is taken up with great passion for a short period of time; flagpole sitting and the Charleston
on margin
people could buy stocks with only a ten percent down payment
being expelled from the country
mass production
producing a large quantity of a good; usually by using the assembly line
red scare
a fear of communism that spread throughout the US
Scopes Monkey Trial
debate over teaching evolution in schools led to this famous trial
new pasttime of the twenties; The Jazz Singer was the first "talkie"
community located outside of the city; made possible because of the affordable automobile
Ernest Hemingway
expatriate; wrote many pieces of literature "A Farwell to Arms" and "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
new form of music
Emergency Quota Act
put severe restrictions on immigration
parts of a company
assembly line
increased production by making products station by station
bear market

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