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US History ch. 23


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18th Amendment
THE AMENDMENT: no alcohol
Afred E. Smith
He was against Prohibition. He was openly Catholic. He did not win the election against Hoover.
Sherwood Anderson
wrote "hands"
F. Scott Fitzgerald
wrote " The Great Gatsby"
things that contributed to the red scare
communist party members were present in the US. Bombs and bomb scares. Communist revolution in Russia.
Prohibition Act
THE ACT:no alcohol
The Roaring 20s
They have speakeasies. Jazz, Blues, Flappers, and Baseball
the immigration restriction league
a law that every immigrant may be able to read and write
William Faulkner
wrote " As I Lay Dying" and " Sound and the Fury"
Life in the Jazz Age
people wanted more things. now there is big movies with sound. factories are making more products.
superior military power ( nation)
Ernest Hemmingway
wrote " Farewell To Arms"
Immigrant Act of 1924
Insult to the Japanese people
illegal bars
President Coolidge
took over after Harding. President for one year
Warren G. Harding
1st president to address Americans over the radio. His cabinet was filled with his cronies.
Charles A. Limbergh
made the 1st solo non-stop flight from NY to Paris in 33.5 hrs.
A. Mitchell Palmer
wilson's attroney general. he believed the country was threatened by communist
Nicola Saco " Bartolemo Vahetti"
immigrants from Italy asserted for killing a guard and paymaster and held up a shoe factory.
Temperance Movement
THE MOVEMENT:no alcohol
common ownership society
T.S. Elliot
writes the "wasteland"

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