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Journalism Midterm


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Where was the vice presidential debate held?
Wash U in St. Louis
Why were Asian children being hospitalized in September?
a massive milk recall after a chemical was said to have contaminated at least one of the major pasteurizing companies
Citigroup Inc. just bought which of the nation's banks?
What is the Bridge to Nowhere?
very expensive proposed bridge to be built between Ketchican, AK and the mainland for easier access to the airport
Where was the new monument to 9/11 dedicated?
Washington, D.C.
What Baltimore-based energy trader and provider was sold during the financial crisis?
Constellation Energy Grp.
Who hosted the season premiere of SNL and what was the first sketch?
Michael Phelps, Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton doing a PSA
What Texas city received the most damage from hurricane Ike?
Galveston Island
Who won the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament?
Roger Federer and Serena Williams
Why are Palin and McCain both being called
Palin haulted the "Bridge to Nowhere," McCain proposed a plan for new jobs
What is Stephen Colbert having shot into space?
his DNA
What NYC politician is running for another term?
Mayor Bloomberg
What caused the biggest drop in the stock markets history?
fear that the financial bail out plan would not be passed
What nation is Hugo Chavez president of?
Towson held a parade for its most famous celebrity. Who is it?
Michael Phelps
An Ethiopian set a new world record in an event in Berlin in October, what was it?
a marathon
What was one of the shows to win an Emmy award?
Breaking Bad
What are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack and why are they in the news?
major lending firms, struggling financially and seeking to be bailed out by the government
Who is Ahmed Ahmedinejad and where was he recently?
President of Iran, the UN
What are MacArthur Fellowships?
genius grants
Who is Kim Jong Il and why was he in the news?
He is the ruler of North Korea, and he has been suspiciously absent
What is the connection between Goucher and Zipcar?
Goucher has a zipcar, a rent by the hour insured hybrid for student use
Why is AK senator Ted Stevens in the news?
He is on trial for fraud
Who is Henry Paulson?
the man responsible for writing the financial bailout plan passed by congress
Who is the governor of Louisiana?
Kathleen Blanco
Who died the week of September 17th?
Richard Wright (keyboardist of Pink Floyd), David Foster Wallace (writer)
Who was the former Watergate reporter who just wrote a new book on the Bush Administration?
Bob Woodward
Where was the train crash that killed 26 people?
Los Angeles
Which presidential candidate raised $66 million in August?
Barack Obama
Who died the week of October 1st? What did he do?
Paul Newman, he was an actor in Exodus and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
What is Trooper-gate?
Palin was found guilty of abuse of power for trying to get her sister's ex-husband fired
Who won the first presidential debate and what did they talk about?
No one was declared the winner, the economy and the Iraq war
What 37-year-old pro athlete is coming out of retirement and why?
Lance Armstrong, to run a marathon
What famous baseball stadium held its last game this season?
Yankee Stadium
What is the latest hurricane to threaten the US?
Why is OJ Simpson back in the news?
found guilty of kidnapping and armed robbery for holding two sports memorabilia dealers hostage
What has President Bush decided to do about troops in Iraq?
He is shifting troops from Iraq to Afghanistan and adding 2000 more in Iraq
Who is the playwright who won the Pulitzer for Angles in America?
Tony Kushner

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