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A Beka History 10-24.2


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What is the "social gospel"?
The new message of modernists who viewed the church's mission as one of social reform and political action
Who was Albrecht Ritschl?
He was a German theologian who, in his liberalism, originated the social gospel movement.
Who was Walter Rauschenbusch [rou' shen boosh]?
He was called "the Prophet of the Social Gospel" and he spoke passionately of "a new order that would rest on the Christian principles of equal rights and democratic distribution of economic power (socialism).
Who was Harry Emerson Fosdick?
He was a prominent American pastor and teacher, who was one of the social gospel's most popular devotees and also one of the most radical religious liberals.
What was ecumenism?
The outward union of all churches, denominations, and sects into one organization regardless of doctrinal differences; a chief goal of the modernists.
Who were called the "Fundamentalists"?
Many of the Christians who remained faithful to God's Word during the first half of the 20th century.
What are "the fundamentals of the Christian faith"?
They are the following:

Inspiration and inerrancy of the Scriptures,

The deity of Christ,

His virgin birth and miracles,

His blood atonement for sin,

His bodily resurrection, and

His personal return.
Who was G. Campbell Morgan?
He was a British minister and Bible scholar, who has been called the "Prince of Expositors" because of his unusual ability to expound the Word of God and teach its truths to his hearers.
Who was W. H. Griffith Thomas?
He was a British Christian, who was renowned as a Bible conference speaker throughout Britian and the United States and has been called "both a saint and a scholar, a man of books and a man of the Book."
Who was Sir William Ramsay?
He was Scottish archaeologist, who, from his scholarship, many Christians benefited.
Who was Oswald Chambers?
He was a Scottish Christian, who, through his intense, spiritual lectures to men that he supervised at a YMCA camp during World War I for soldiers stationed in Egypt and to students in London to whom he had ministered earlier, Chambers formed the basis for his many books and his famous devotional classic "My Utmost for His Highest," published after his death.
Who was Rodney ("Gipsy") Smith?
He was an English evangelist, who was born in a gypsy wagon near London and became one of the most famous revival preachers in the world.
Who was T. T. Shields?
He was a Canadian pastor, who was a staunch contender for Fundamentalism and one of the leading authorities on Romanism.
Who was R. A. Torrey?
Remembered as the "Apostle to the Skeptics," he became a very popular evangelist and Bible conference speaker, as well as the author of numerous Christian classics and an editor of "The Fundamentals."
Who was J. Gresham Machen?
He was a great American fundamentalist and a great scholar at Princeton University who had been exposed to liberal teachings through his studies at the German universities.
Who was Robert Dick Wilson?
He was a brilliant teacher and writer who supported Machen in exposing modernism's false claims.
Who was Harry Rimmer?
He was president of the Research Science Bureau and a master of Christian apologetics (the reasoned defense of the Christian faith).
Who was Billy Sunday?
He was a converted Baseball star who was the most famous and received the most visible results.

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