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English vocab midterm


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transcend; hackneyed
We must try to __________ our everyday ________ realities to become more connected to G-d.
He _______ broke a window when he hit a fly ball during a baseball game in the backyard.
lurid; decadence
The ________ pictures in the paper of the Iraqi prisoners and torture chambers gave westerners a sense of th severity of the situation and the _______ of the democratic process in Iraq.
intrinsic; exhorted
The concept of tzedakah is a(n) ______ Jewish value; throughout the Torah we are constantly ______by G-d to help others who are less fortunate than we.
ascribe; proclivity
I can _______ my ____________ toward pursuit of knowledge and desire to learn to my upbringing. My parents always encouraged us to learn and embrace education.
I took such a _____ route to work, that the trip which should take 20 minutes, took more that an hour.
The mayoral candidate's promises to help seemed sincere at first, but it turned out to be merely _____.
Despite a peace agreement with the Palestinians, the relationship between Israel and the Arabs is such a(n)______ one.
You should not ______ against his idea so strongly until you've heard him out completely.
ex officio
Dick Cheney is the next president if anything should happen to George W. Bush.
My poor friend keeps getting set up with _____ guys who break up after a few dates because of their fear of relationships.
umbrage; assuage
She couldn't understand why her friend took _______ at her remarks; she was merely trying to ______ his concerns and never meant to be insensitive.
The Russian government used to arrest people who expressed _______ opinions about the country. Now that it's a democratic country, the people are allowed to criticize the country.
I canceled my subscription to the NYT because of their ______ articles against Israel.
People who are not well educated often have _______ points of view and are unable to understand the world at large.
Caught in the ________ of the war against terrorism, many Americans joined the army to go fight in Iraq.
A word of encouragement can often _____ the stress from a difficult day.
Sarah Imeinu is the ______ of what a Jewish woman should be like.
G-d gives us the oppurtunity to do Teshuva, but it's our ______ whether or not to take advantage of the opportunity.
commiserated; acculturation
I _________ with my friend who made Aliyah last year about how hard things are for her. As great as it is to live in Israel, The _____ into a new culture is a slow process.
The _______ from the extreme rainfall this weekend caused huge traffic jams and power outages.
nominal; abominate
It is worthless to make a peace treaty with the leader of Hamas since he is merely a ______ leader and has no real power; the Hamas terrorists have the real power, and they ________ Israel.
Her ______ always amazes me; she can stay come in even the most stressful situations.
Despite differences of opinion on many matters, a _____ was formed between political parties.
The district attorney tried to _____ from the suspect a hint about where he left the murder weapon.
Being that America is a democratic country, the government is not permitted to _______ on peoples' religious freedoms.
meritorious; approbation
Her ______ contributions to her school brought much ______ from her teachers and principal.
Students and teacher alike always look forward to their summer _______ from the long and stressful school year.
Some religious groups are against reading Harry Potter books because they deal with people practicing the _____.
The amusement park ride was able to ______ the experience of being in a real rocket ship.
We are often overcome by ________ due to our busy , stressful lives, and the blowing of the shofar helps to wake us up and gives us energy to continue moving forward and upward.
ingratiate; bombastic
It's hard to have respect for egotistical politicians who try to ________ themselves to voters with flattery, empty promises and ______ speeches.
expostulate; jaded
I find it useless to ______ with people about Israeli politics; often people are ____ about what they read in the anti-Israel newspaper articles and are unable to be objective.
My reasons seemed logical in my mind, but when I told them over to my parents they sounded like childish ______.
expiate; peculate
Martha Stewart tried to _____ her guilt through her involvement in charities and community service after she spent time in prison for her attempt to _____ from her company.
He felt like a(n) ___________ at the table since nobody acknowledged his presence or paid him any attention.
We as Jews believe that nothing happens in a(n) ________ matter; everything part of G-d's master plan.
His ______ comments and immature humor made him seem much younger than he really was.
She often expressed things by ________ rather than stating them openly due to her fear of confrontation.
She delivered her speech with such _____, you would never know how nervous she really was.
enjoined; expedite
I _______ my friend to spend a year in Israel to _____her spiritual growth.
The smell of cholent on Shabbat morning _____ the house.
The spoiled child's constant ______ tone was quite annoying.
The teacher often had to _____ in arguments between her students.
millennium surmise;
I found it very ironic that the new ________ began on a Friday night and while the world was out partying celebrating the new year, we were sitting at our Shabbat tables. One can _______ that this was G-d's way of reminding us that we are separate from society and have totally different values.
She would always manage to ______ out of a speeding ticket by batting her eyelashes and crying to the cop.
There should be more _____ rules in the Middle East peace accords; if the Palestinians break their agreement they should be penalized.

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