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Pest Control Unit 2


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What is the definition of Vector
Any arthropod or rodent capable of transmitting disease to individuals, act as intermidiate hosts or reservoirs, or affect personnel efficiency or morale.
What is the definition of Host
Individual potentially susceptible to illness.
What is the definition of Reservoir.
Organism where the agent lives and multiplies.
What is the definition of a Pesticide.
Any substance or mixture of substances that kills pest.
Where are the 2 locations of DVECC
1. NAS Jacksonville, Fl.
2. NAVSTA Bangor, Wa.
Where are the 4 locations of EPMU.
2 Norfolk, Va
5 San Diego, Ca
6 Pearl Harbor, Hi
7 Sigonella, Italy
What are the 3 additional entomologist duty stations.
1st FSSG, Camp Pendleton, Ca
2nd FSSG, Camp Lejune, NC
3rd FSSG, Okinawa, Japan
What is the purpose of vector controls.
The purpose is to preserve the health and morale of Navy and Marine Corps personnel by preventing disease transmission ensuring sanitary conditions, eliminating host/resevoir of disease and ensure safe food supply.
What are SMDR responsibilities concerning vector control?
1. Plan and recommend vector contol measures.
2 Inspect and survey.
3. Make recomendations related to vector control standards.
4. Evaluate effectiveness of vector controls.
5. Ensure pesticides are used corectly.
6. Provide info on PPE use against vectors.
7. Coordinate with civilian and government concerning vector control.
8. Comply with public health quarantine measures.
9. Review and approve pest control management measures.
In the event of vector bourne disease outbreak and in the absence of public works department who will direct the MDR to act?
Commanding Officer.
What is the use of Acaricide?
control mites, scorpions, spiders, and ticks.
What is the use of Herbicide?
control undesired vegetation.
Insecticide control what pest? And are divided into what three catagories?
1. Adulticide
2. Larvicide
3. Ovicide
Mulluscicide control what?
snails and other mollusks.
Rodenticides are effective in the control of what?
Which pesticide's mode of entry involves entering through the body wall or respiratory center?
Contact Poisons
What is the mode of action for biological pesticides?
A formulation containing microorganisms.
What is the mode of action for a desiccant?
death by dehydration
Which pesticide is applied to material such as wood.
Which act required the addition of signal words, antidote statements, and general notice to be on all pesticides?
FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act of 1972).
What are the MILD signs and symptoms for Organophosphates?

8 total
Anorexia, HA, Dizziness, weakness, anxiety, tremors of the tongue and eyelids, myosis, visual impairment.
What are the MODERATE signs and symptoms for Organophosphates?

8 total
N/V, salivation, lacrimation, ABD cramps, sweating, slow pulse, and muscle tremors.
What are the SEVERE signs and symptoms for Organophosphates?

8 total
Diarrhea, pinpoint and nonreactive pupils, dyspnea, cyanosis, loss of sphincter control, convulsion, coma, and heart attack.
What pesticide causes irreversible colinesterase inhibition?
What is the mode of action of a repellent?
repel pest and thus deter attack.
What is the mode of action of a chemosterilant?
sterilize pests, reducing reproductive potential.
What is the mode of action of a soil sterilants?
herbicide treatment to control vegetation for a 6 month or more period.
What is the mode of action of a systemic pesticide?
A substance consumed by the host that once bitten by the pest causes pest to die.
What is the mode of action of a growth regulators?
prevent normal growth of and/or maturity. (hormone like compound).
What is the treatment for organophosphate exposure?
After cyanosis is overcome, give 2-4mg Atropine IV repeat at 5-10 min until atropinization. Maintain Tx for 24 hours or longer.
2-Pam Chloride, 1 gm iv slowly, for supportive therapy.
Which pesticide exposure has reversible cholinesterase inhibition?
What are the s/s of Carbamate poisoning?

10 total
Pupil constriction, salivation, profuse sweating, lassitude, muscle incoordination, N/V/D, epigastric pain, tighness in chest.
Tx for Carbamate poinsoning.
After cyanosis, 2-4mg Atorpine IV, repeat 5-10 min until atropinization. Maintain tx 24 hours or longer.
What pesticide acts a CNS depressant/stimulant?
S/S of organochlorine poisoning?
Within 20 min to 4 hours may have HA, N/V, restlesness, tremor, apprehension, convulsion, coma, respiratory failure, death.
Tx for organochlorine poisoning?
1. Do not induce vomitting.
2. Lavage with 2-4 liters of tap water.
3. Induce catharsis with 30 gm of sodium sulfate in one cup of water.
4. Administer barbituates.
5. avoid oils, oil laxitives, and epinepherine.
6. do not give stimulants.
7. give calcium gluconate (10% in 10 ml ampules) IV q4h.
8. refer to current poisoning references.
What are the minimum contents for pesticide spill kit?
Absorbent material such as diatomatious earth, sand or dirt.
Shovel, leak proof barrel, detergent and water, chlorine bleach, appropriate PPE.
Never use what to clean organochlorine?
Chlorine Bleach.
What are the procedures for pesticide spill clean up?
1. Confine pesticide
2. Absorb
3. shovel into leakproof container.
4. clean contaminated surface.
5. always use PPE.
How much do you fill the hand pump sprayer with pesticide?
2/3rds full.
What are the maintenance steps for the hand pump sprayer?
empty and clean after each use. return unused pesticide to original container. circulate warm water and detergent through pump. repeat 3 times with clean water. remove pump and tank let air dry.
Pediculus Humanus Humanus is also know as?
Body Louse
What is the tx for P. Humanus Humanus?
Elimite (permethrin) as directed.
Tx family at same time.
Wash all clothing and linen.
Wash all brushes and combs.
Avoid use of common articles.
For treatment of P. Humanus Humanus what is water temp. to wash all clothing?
37.8 C (100 F) or higher.
What is the common name for Pediculus Humanus Capitis?
Head Louse
What is Tx for P. Humanus Capitis?
Same as body louse, but use Elimite cream (permethrin). May require retreatment.
Phthirus Pubis is also know as?
Crab Louse
What is Tx for Phthirus Pubis?
Same as P. Humanus sp. except since usually trasmitted by sexual contact refer all partners for Tx.
What is the appearance of the adult German Cockroach?
Tan or straw covered.
15 mm in size
2 longitudinal dark stripes near head
Which cockroach is the most common shipboard cockroach?
German Cockroach, also most common indoor species especially around food service areas.
What is the appearance of the adult Brown Banded Cockroach?
Ligther that German roach
less than 15 mm long.
two yellow cross bands near base of wings. (nymph has 2 transverse light bands on dorsal surface).
What are the life stage of a cockroach?
Ootheca (egg case), Nymph, Adult.
Which cockroach prefers living spaces as well as hotels, and hospital wards and is not considered a food service species?
Brown-Banded Cockroach.
What is the appearance of the adult American Cockroach?
Dark reddish brown
35 mm long
yellow posterior border stripe behind head.
Which cockroach is a potential dangerous disease vector?
American Cockroach.
What is the adult appearance of the Oriental Cockroach
dark brown to black
1-1 1/2 inches long
rudimentary wings reduced to small lobes
This cockroach lives in filthy places such as, sewers, yards and outbuildings.
Oriental Cockroach.
What is the most cost effective and best way to prevent and control cockroaches.
What would indicate moth infestation?
larvae spin webbing.
What are the characteristics of a moth.
copper luster on the outer two-thirds of their wings.
What are the distinguishing charateristics of the confused and red flour beetle (Tribolium)?
Red flour beetle's terminal three antennal segments are larger than the other antennal segments.
confused beetle's gradually increase in size similar to a baseball bat.
Eggs found covered with a sticky secretion that adheres to the sides of sacks a boxes indicates what type of bug infestation?
Tribolium, i.e. confused and red flour beetle
The presence of ONE larvae, body case, egg, or any other signs of infestation is justification for condemnation of the entire lot for what species?
Trogoderma beetle aka Khapra beetle (Dermestid).
What is the distinguishing characteristic of the Saw toothed grain beetle?
Thorax bears six saw toothed projections on each side.
What is the most commonly found stored product pest aboard ship?
Saw toothed grain beetle.
To deter a light infestion of less than 7 beetles per pound (other than Dermestid and flour beetles) what actions are taken?
For immediate use place items in freezer for 3 days, this will kill adults, sift out cast skins and excrement. Use as soon as possible thereafter.
or, if time permits zero degrees F for two weeks kills all stages.
List the determining levels of infestion to dispose of a product based on species.
Trogoderma(Khapra, Dermestid) - 1 living or dead larvae per pound.
Tribolium (flour beetles) - 3 or more per pound.
All others - 7 or more per pound.
What does the acronym FIFO stand for and what is it's use?
First In, First Out.
Used to rotate stock.
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.
HAHAHAHA, sucker
Who's the BOMB!
I am.

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