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Zennippon (全日本)
zennichi suto (全日スト)
a full-day strike
zen'i (善意)
a favourable sense, good intentions; [Law] good faith, bona fides
zenkamono (前科者)
an ex-convict
zenmenkōwa (全面講和)
an overall peace
zenmenteki (全面的)
all-out, overall, general
zengen (漸減)
gradual decrease
zenmai (薇)
a flowering fern
zenmai (ぜんまい)
a (main) spring, a hairspring
zenmon no tora kōmon no ōkami (前門の虎後門の狼)
to find oneself between the devil and the deep sea, to find oneself between Scylla and Charybdis
zenka (前科)
a previous offense; a criminal record
zenkai (前回)
the last time/occasion
zenjinmitō no (前人未到の)
unprecedented, original, unexplored, virgin
zenken o inin suru (全権を委任する)
to invest [a person] with full powers
zengō (前号)
the preceding number
zenkei (前景)
the foreground
zenmensensō (全面戦争)
an all-out war
zenkai suru (全壊する)
to be completely destroyed
zengo fukaku to naru (前後不覚となる)
to lose one's consciousness
zenkai suru (全快する)
to get quite well again, to recover completely
zenkei no (前掲の)
shown above, above-mentioned
zengen o torikesu (前言を取り消す)
to withdraw one's previous statement
zennō (全能)
zennō (前脳)
the prosencephalon, the forebrain
zenmetsu (全滅)
annihilation, total destruction
zenkai (全快)
a complete recovery
zen'i no (善意の)
well-intentioned, bona fide
zenki (前期)
the first term, the former term, the first semester, the first half year
zennō suru (前納する)
to pay in advance, to prepay
zennō no (全能の)
omnipotent, almighty
zenji (漸次)
gradually, little by little, by degrees
zenkō (善行)
good conduct, a good deed
zengo (前後)
front and rear, before and after; order, sequence; about, or so
zenhan (前半)
the first half
zennin (善人)
a good man, a virtuous man
zennin no (前任の)
former [mayor/governor etc.]
zenkoku (全国)
the whole country
zenjitsu (前日)
the day before, the previous day, the preceding day
zenkō (全校)
the whole school
zenkan (全巻)
the whole volume/reel
zenhōi (全方位)
all-directional ~
zenkoku kara (全国から)
from all over the country
zengo o mimawasu (前後を見回す)
to look around one
zenninsha (前任者)
the predecessor
zenkai no (前回の)
last, preceding
zennō suru (全納する)
to pay in full
zenjutsu no (前述の)
the above(-mentioned), the foregoing, the aforesaid
zenin (是認)
zenkō (前項)
the preceding clause/paragraph
zen'in (全員)
all (the) members, the whole crew
zenganshōjō (前癌症状)
zenkeisho (前掲書)
op. cit.
zenjō (禅譲)
[政権の] abdication
zenmengunshuku (全面軍縮)
total disarmament
zenkoku ni (全国に)
all over the country
zen'in itchi de (全員一致で)
hatachi zengo (二十歳前後)
about twenty
zengen suru (漸減する)
to decrease gradually, to diminish gradually
zenmetsu suru (全滅する)
to be annihilated, to be stamped out
zengo no misakai naku (前後の見境なく)
zennō (前納)
payment in advance
zennichiseikōkō (全日制高校)
a full-time (senior) high school
zenmaijikake no (ぜんまい仕掛の)
zenki no (前記の)
above-mentioned, above, aforesaid
zenjidō no (全自動の)
zenkasanpan (前科三犯)
a man with three previous convictions
zenin suru (是認する)
to approve, to admit
zengo o wasureru (前後を忘れる)
to be beside oneself with
zenjō no (前条の)
as mentioned in the preceding article
zengosaku (善後策)
remedial measures
zenkokukōkōyakyūtaikai (全国高校野球大会)
the National High-School Baseball Tournament
zenkokuku (全国区)
the national constituency
zenkentaishi (全権大使)
an ambassador plenipotentiary
zenkōseito (全校生徒)
all the students of a school
zenkai itchi de (全会一致で)
unanimously, with one consent
zengi (前戯)
zenkokuteki (全国的)
national, nationwide
zengun (全軍)
the whole army/force
zenkei (全景)
a complete view, a panoramic view, a panorama
zengan no (前癌の)
precancerous ~

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