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What is a problem in the city of Santiago?
Atacama Desert (north) and central valley near the coast
geography of Chile
(standard of living increased) people moved to the cities, changed from a traditional agriculture culture to a modern urban country, governement built high-quality roads and subways
What was the results of the oil boom?
Where do most Venezueleans live?
To prevent foreign items such as new seeds for planting from entering the country
Why does Chile inspect maracas at the border?
Atacama Desert
Where is mosty of Chile's copper located?
to protect the crops from foreign plant or animal matter that might bring disease to the crops
Why is the Chilean government so concerned with border restriction?
People found new jobs.
What was the effect of privatization?
Where do 80% of the people live in Chile?
the southern hemisphere has summer when the Northern Hemisphere has winter so Chile can provide crops when countries cannot produce them, the Andes protects it from plant pests, the central valley is largest
Why does Chile's location gives it an advantage in agriculture?
(people lost their jobs) oil industries and the governement cut jobs
What happened when the price of oil decreased?
central valley near the coast
Where do most people in Chile live?
It provided the economy with diversity and provided jobs for farmers and workers at packing plants
How has the growth of agriculture helped Chileans?
when the wind does not blow, industries are shut down; limit the number of cars in the city and require new cars to have special exhaust systems
What has the government done to reduce pollution in Chile?
a new policy of privatization and starting new industries by providing money for people to start farming
What did the government do to improve Venezuela's economy?
What does Chile export more of than any other country?
the Andes Mountains block the wind, economy that encouraged industry/factories with relaxed environmental laws
What are the causes of pollution in Chile?
What sport is popular in Venezuela?
Andes Mountains
What natural resource protects Chile from insect pests and plant disease?
agriculture with the selling of crops
What has become a billion dollar industry for Chile?
New jobs and made the country wealthy
What was the effect of finding oil?
musical instrument made from a hollow gourd filled with dried seeds or pebbles that sounds like a rattle
the drop in copper prices in the early 1980's
What prompted the Chileam government to encourage industry and sell more crops/agricultural revolution?
sheep hearders, farmers and businessmen
lifestyles of Chileans
longest, narrowest country in the world
mestizos (75%), Eurpoeans (20%), Native American (3%)
ethnic groups of Chile
It made them aware of modern conveniences and made them want those things.
How did the period of wealth change the people in Venezuela
wheat, potatoes, sugar beets, corn tomatoes, and many fruits
What crops do the farmers in Chile grow?

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