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Mass Media FINAL


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when and where was the formal initiation of commercial tv
1939 at the worlds fair in new york
what would murrow say as he was getting off the radio
goodnight and goodluck
who launched CNN in 1980
ted turner
who is the father of network tv news
john cameron swayze
what act made the starting up of the FCC
radio act of 1934
who did the untouchables in 1987
brian de palma
what were the factors that made the 19th century the magazine golden age
better postal rates-more educated readers
who started "see it now" on CBS
edward r murrow
who was the quiz show who did all the cheating
charles van doren
when did william paley buy CBS
when was citizen kane made
what are the 3 killer B's
babies baseball bowling
the movie directed by john huston that was a "B" movie and starred humphrey bogart was
the maltese falcon
the motion picture patents company started by edison is also known as what
the trust
what year was HBO launched
what is the company that owns majority of radio stations
clear channel
who coined the term rock and roll and was know as father of rock and roll
allen freed
when was united artist started
what are the 4 primary partners with RCA in radio
general electric-westingtonhouse-at&t-united fruit
who invented radio tubes--also called audion
lee de forest
when was the telephone invented
what year was the great train robbery made
what was the silent film in 1951 that defined german expression
who started yellow journalism
joesph pulitzer
when was photography invented
what is a rating
the percentage of all homes with a tv that are tuned to a station at one time
who was the producer for the beatles
george martin
who started CBS
edward r murrow
studies that showed the effects of media-specifically 13 seperate investigations on influence of movies on children
payne fund studies
exposure retention then perception is known as what theory
dissonance theory
the person who is the driving force that brings financial and creative forces together is the
who was the voice on the barreter
what did charles dickens "a christmas carol" in 1843 do
helped make christmas warm and fuzzy again
what band put out an album and let consumers pay whatever they want as the price
the new england journal of medicine was the first what
online magazine
where did term yellow journalism come from
the yellow kid comic
who wrote directed and starred in citizen kane
orson welles
when was RCA started
what was the first show to use the 3 camera technique
i love lucy
how many copies did the davinci code sell and in how many languages
60 million in 44 languages
what was the importance of the Feb 9, 1964 ed sullivan show
it was the first performance by the beatles in america
what year did movie attendance peak
what is the largest daily metropolitian paper
new york times
who directed the movie goodnight and goodluck
george clooney
what was the earliest form of advertising
what was the first superstation
who was the inventor of the first photo in motion in 1872
what was the newspaper written by benjamin day
new york sun
who invented photography
who were the 2 reporters who broke the watergate story regarding nixon
bob woodward and carl bernstein
who was known as the major silent comedian of their time
charle chapman
who invented the first news magazine
henry luce
what are the big 4 companies in the music business
universal-time warner-sony bmg-emi
what are the 3 top magazine publishers
time warner-conde nast-hearst
what did uncle toms cabin do
helped end slavery and started the civil war
who did metropolis
fritz lang
wha number is star telegram in largest newspapers
when did stereo sound become popular
what is the top internet using nation
who invented the telegraph
samuel morse
how many people were watching the ed sullivan show when the beatles performed
73 million
what was one of the first westerns in 1938 that was directed by john ford
what was the first movie to win an academy award for best picture and when
wings 1927
who came up with radio waves
heinrich hurtz
what call letter is used for east of the mississippi
what was cable originally known as
community antenna television
what is a share
percentage of houses using a tv who are watching a specific channel at a specific time
what was one of the most watched things on tv in the early days
the 1947 world series
what percentage of homes now have cable
what year was the printing press invented
networks began broadcasting all shows in color in
who invented celluloid film and when
goodman in 1887
what does AOL-time warner own
aol-time-people-sports illustrated
what kind of magazines did hearst specialize in
womens magazines
what was the first web browser
what are the 7 major movie stdios
paramount-sony-warner brothers-disney-20th century fox-universal-dreamworks
who started the victor talking machine company
emile berliner
what was the first radio station and when
kdka in pittsburgh in 1920
when did paperback sales exceed harback
what were the things movie goers saw that had sound that came before the movie
what was the golden age for magazines
how many copies has harry potter sold and in how many languages
350 million in 63 languages
when was the tv golden age
who is the top internet provider
what was one of the early variety shows starring sid caesar
your show of shows
what number is dallas in largest newspapers
who directed the silent film the gold rush in 1925
charlie chapman
what call letter is used west of the mississippi
radio station that played for soldiers while at war that would tell soldier they were going to die and tell them about their family was
tokyo rose
what year did network news broadcast begin
what was the first major rock song and by who
in a gadda da vida by iron butterfly
what are the well known tv ratings system
nielsen media research
who was author of poor richards almanac
ben franklin
what are the 2 largest newspaper chains
gannet and mcclatchy
the first major movie company to move into television was
license that said you can play any recording owned by BMI and ASCAP was
blanket license
what was the first successful womens magazine and what year
ladies home journal in 1883
the VHF channels are
who was the voice of the war of the worlds broadcast in 1938
orson welles
quiz shows became popular in what decade
when was the AP started
who developed the audio tape
the germans
what is an example of a consumer magazine
who was the director of westerns that made john wayne famous
john ford
what number market in the US is DFW
what are the 4 sweeps months
when was the fist successful photography in motion
when did dime novels become popular
late 1800's
sirius and xm radio are examples of what kind of radio
who was producer that put out elvis' record
sam phillips
what was the first breakthrough year for sound
public television was established in
the legend that sarnoff stayed at the telegraph for 72 straight hours reporting deaths when the titanic sunk is known as what
sarnoff at the telegraph
who introduced the top 40 format
gordon mcclendon
how many issues did general magazine last
who was top selling band of all time
what is the main satellite company in the market
direct tv
when did audiobooks start
those who determine what messages are delivered to consumers are
what magazines does conde nast publish
vanity fair-gq
what was the first newsmagazine and what year
time in 1923
who was the person who was responsible for the first feature film the birth of a nation
dw griffith
what are the 4 biggest media companies
time warner-viacom cbs-general electric nbc universal-disney
average cost of making a movie
60 million
who started the penny press and what year
benjamin day in 1833
what is known as the greatest movie ever made
citizen kane
satellites are how many miles above the earth
who did geroge clooney play in goodnight and goodluck
fred friendly
what was the studio era
reporter who worked for pulitzer and went around the world in 72 days in an act of yellow journalism
nellie bly
when did heinrich hertz discover radio waves
story that hearst sent remington to cuba to draw pictures of the war but there was no war and so hearst invented the war himself is the
remington story
what is a kinetograph
early motion picture camera
who won patent battle agains NBC
philo farnsworth
what was the highpoin for american journalism
the watergate era
what was the imporantance of the new york sun
first daily newspaper
practice where radio companies paid radio DJ's to play their songs was known as
who wrote "a christmas carol" and what year
charles dickens in 1843
when was the barretter played
christmas eve 1906
average cost of promoting a movie
36.2 million
how many newspapers will change hands in a typical year
who invented continuous roll film and when
eastman in 1888
books, newspapers, and magazines are examples of
print media
how many people watched the 1947 world series
3.9 million
how many hours per day do we spend using media
what are the 4 major publishers
bartelsmann-pearson-news corp-time warner
what are the 3 major areas of film making
what is media literacy
understanding the message
what was the first modern feature film and when
the birth of a nation in 1915
who helped newspapers gain more freedom and in what year
john peter zenger in 1735
who started the first radio station
frank conrad
when was the phonograph invented
when was poor richards almanac written
how many people watched world series in bars
3.5 million
what year were compact disks (CD's) introduced
what was the first ever movie with sound and what year
the jazz singer 1927
the UHF channels are
14 and up
when were crime shows dominant
who started the first newspaper and when
benjamin harris in 1690
who started the new york sun and what year
benjamin day in 1833
when was the golden age for motion pictures
how many satellite subscribers are there
30 million
who bought 20th century fox in 1985
rupert murdoch
what year were first magazines introduced
what network began broadcasting in color 5 years before the rest
in the beginning what were the 4 major tv networks
ampex introduced the first videotape recorder in
what is the longest running primetime show in history
60 minutes
when was the "music box memo"
the war of the worlds broadcast was based on a novel by who
hg wells
the "book" in radio refers to what
the ratings
who hosted texaco star theatre
milton berle
what year was british marconi started
walter cronkite was a news anchor for what network
which slander which is libel
slander is oral libel is written
what was the golden age for magazines
late 19th century
who are the 2 inventors that made tv a reality
vladimir zworykin and phio farnsworth
who says "the medium is the message"
marshall mcluhan
the framerate for film is
24 frames per second
style of reporting characterized by unprecedented sensationalism is
yellow journalism
what are the 3 factors that determine size and profit of tv station
channel-the market-network affiliation
who invented the telephone
alexander grahm bell
who started "american magazine" and what year
andrew bradford in 1741
who started FM in 1939
edwin armstrong
who owned the first ever broadcast radio commerical
what was one of the italian epics by george melies
trip to the moon
what was the first radio station also known as
the farmers station
who started network news
edward r murrow
what is an example of a sponsored magazine
national geographic
what was the first movie to use editing,first western, and had first chase scene
the great train robbery
the ed sullivan show was what type show
what was the first voice broadcast
the barretter
who invented the early jukebox
thomas edison
who started "general magazine" and what year
ben franklin in 1741
copy right expired files go where
public domain
what were B movies? A movies?
B movies were lower budget films while A movies were the feature film
when and what company was he first radio network
1923 at&t
what magazines does time warner publish
time-people-sports illustrated
the artful juxtaposition of images to convey a meaning or emotion is what
the kuleshov effect
who invented the phonograph
thomas edison
what is the highest rated single program
final episode of mash
study that is the examination of how media effected voter behavior in 1940 election
peoples choice study
who is the founder of radio
what does Disney own
what does viacom CBS own
who began the first modern newspaper chain and when
ew scripps in 1878
what was one of the most popular western shows
what was the song by the beatles that changed the way songs were made
strawberry fields forever
traveling shows in 1920's that did plays and had all kinds of entertainment were known as
vaudville shows
what year was the telegraph invented
when were transistor radios invented
what does Universal/NBC/GE own
ge-nbc-universal film
who did the battleship potemkin in 1925
sergei eisenstein
what is the top grossing film of all time
what was the first book in america
bay psalm book
how many issues did american magazine last
who invented the coaxial network in 1951
who owns star telegram
what year were DVD's introduced
who invented the world wide web and what year
tim berners-lee in 1993
who invented printing press
johannes gutenburg
who was one of the early rock groups
bill haley and the comets
when did cable begin
who invented the wireless telegraph and in what year
marconi in 1896
anything that inteferes with the message is
what year was victor talking machine company started
the rise of the radio networks in the 1920's involved what 4 companies
ASCAP and BMI are
music licensing firms
when was uncle toms cabin written and by who
1851 by harriet beecher stowe
what was the most acclaimed newsreel
march of time
who was the "it" girl of her time
clara bow
average revenue for a movie
37 million
what year was the whole booke of psalms made
what is the top search engine
the framerate for tv is
30 frames per second
what are nickelodeans
small movie theatres
when were jukeboxes becoming popular
what was the first newspaper
publick occurences both foreign and domestick
who starred in the jazz singer
al jolson
how many ad's do we see per day
what 2 men started the mechanical television
charles jenkins and john baird
when did paperback books start
what is the other wire service that is known for its international sources
who created the first superstation in what year
ted turner in 1976
who invented the gramophone and what year
emile berliner in 1888
when was the golden age of radio
who showed the first newsreel in 1909
charles pathe
what was the first broadcast commercial and when
weaf in new york in 1922
what is the term for the thing that governs the radio workplace and decides what is played
the clock
what are the 4 stages of diffusion of innovation theory
early majority-late majority-laggards-early adapters
what was the internet system set up by the government in 1969
the person who is usally responsible for the funding of the movie is the
executive producer
well informed people who help others interpert messages
opinon leaders
a genre where western goes to the city is
what is a kinetoscope
early motion picture viewer
what year was american marconi started
what was the silent film era
who is the father of public relations
ivy ledbetter lee
who started keystone studios
mack senate
who invented the iconoscope in 1923
vladimir zworykin

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